About Me

I’m a 40-ish (ahem) guy from Dublin, now living in London with my husband, @FrankDJS. A psychologist by day, massive geek at all other times.

This blog collects all my non-work, non-professional and definitely pro-geek interests: comics, gadgets, technology, productivity jiggery-pokery and other assorted nerd-tastic nonsense.

Read on – the contents of this blog should put pay to any doubts you may have that I am anything but a card-carrying Admiral of the Nerd Fleet.

And proud of it.

Explore my other online nonsense via Twitter and Tumblr.

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  1. Loved your description. I’m going through a bunch of themes in order to choose one for my very own blog and your blog was inspirational! Cheers, Filipa


  2. This is a great blog that you have.


  3. I found your blog through the themes example, and I’m loving it! So many interesting posts and viewpoints I agree with.


  4. Hello,

    My name is Michael and I work for Interior Addict. The managing director forwarded your blog to me because of your nice comments about our showroom.

    Really happy that you liked the showroom – I really enjoyed reading your other posts too, and yes Alan Turing was a genius!

    I work on some of the social aspects at IA and would like to share your ‘interior addict tagged page’

    Hope that is okay – can I quote a name?

    Kind regards,
    Michael (Digital Marketing Executive)


    • Hi Michael – thanks for the kind words. I’ve since moved this blog to MacPsych.me and will be transferring across all these posts in the coming month or so. Probably best to wait until then before linking/sharing, as this blog is shortly going to go offline for good.

      That okay with you? Am more than happy to be linked to, just want to make sure there’s some content here when visitors arrive!

      Thanks again,


  5. Hi Mate,
    your blog is amazing ..
    a i’m a newbie, can you please share how you customized the ‘I write about…’ in your blog or a link on tutor how to customize
    please would be of great help
    THANKS!! 🙂



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