Back in laptop city

Having dropped my beloved MacBook off at Apple's Regent Street store last week, I was resigned to the fact that it would be a week before I had it back in my hot little hands. Well, colour me impressed when the store called me today - two full days ahead of schedule - to let ...

The Autumn changeover

Unpacking the winter wardrobe unpacks some lovely memories and some clothing-related surprises.

Technology: it’s not foolproof

Massive amounts of patience and deep breaths will be required as I bring my borked MacBook in to an Apple Store for a fix.

On the mend

I'm finally feeling human again, after the flu that just wouldn't die. Time for some moderation and self-care...

Taking sensible steps

When there's too much going on and you're not able to do it all...time to be sensible and let something go.

No sleep for me

My insomnia has returned, leaving me staring at the hotel room ceiling and wishing I was in my own bed...

The iPhone XS Max: some first impressions

I've had my new iPhone XS Max (stupid name) less than a week, but I'm loving it. Definitely the best phone I've ever had.

Leaping into another week!

I made it home from Scotland last night, just in time to catch the final episode of 'Bodyguard', the BBC drama that seems to have gripped the nation. Or, at least, the people I follow on Twitter. It was nerve-wracking, in a good way, but once it ended I was far too tired to unpack ...

Feeling rough, on the move.

I'll be blunt - it hasn't been the easiest of weeks. After picking up some kind of virus late last week, I've spent this weekly mostly sweating, coughing, groaning, sneezing and generally feeling very sorry for myself. This was made all the worse because of my schedule. I had to fly to Bucharest on Wednesday ...

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