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Seoul in 8 minutes…

I opened iMovie on my MacBook for the first time this morning. I was determined to get to grips with an app that is praised for being easy to use, especially as I've collected lots of video from my various travels. Why not edit them, tidy them up and share them online? Some minor frustrations ...


Memories of Japan: Shibuya Crossing

I'm a total YouTube noob, but here's a quick video I took (then edited) of me walking through Shibuya Crossing when in Tokyo last October. I have much to learn in the world of YouTube, but still it's nice to see this video on a big screen and not limited to my iPhone. I stumbled ...


Listening now: Alexander Stewart

I've been loving this album for the last couple of weeks - here's my favourite track. Well worth a listen. Especially as it was a random discovery via iTunes! http://youtu.be/bn4wx0pXtLU


Cats and Physics

What's not to like...?


Star Wars: Bohemian Rhapsody. Because.

This has brightened up my Sunday immeasurably.


Here’s to the ladies who lunch…

A classy bit of Sondheim to start the weekend....cheers!