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Because I’m worth it…

I'm about to spend nearly three hours on a slow, hot and uncomfortable train to Cheltenham. So it's not hard to justify a quick stop at Yo! Sushi for a Chicken Katsu Curry and miso soup. I'll remember it fondly as I melt on the train, all the time wondering about the sorry state of ...


Drugs are bad, M’kay?

Yesterday, I was hit with a dose of hay fever that almost incapacitated me. Seriously. I met @Nutchild and @FrankDJS for some BBQ at Bodean's at Tower Hill and spent most of the meal preparing to sneeze, bracing myself for a sneeze, sneezing and recovering from a sneeze. All while trying to avoid sharing my ...


An exceedingly good birthday

Like all good celebrations, my very own birthday celebrations extend over multiple days. I always aim to get maximum value of out this anniversary. This year, I’m celebrating being another year older across three days. And the theme is food. We kicked off last night with a metric ton of fantastic fish and chips at ...


Sumo Sushi Blowout

This afternoon marked a long-overdue return to the now infamous Yo! Sushi "Sumo Sunday". Basically, you give them £20 (£19.50 for you pedants) and they let you eat all you can off the sushi belt for a full 60 minutes. Now. An arrangement like that will seem like a bargain to most normal people. We ...


Lunch at Yo! Sushi

And no sushi in sight. Instead, a new jumbo-sized portion of the excellent Chicken Katsu Curry with a side of Beef & Ginger Teriyaki. Nom-tastic!


It’s the little things

It is indeed the little things. I turned one year older today and my birthday was considerably improved by a gorgeous Victoria sponge and a cup of tea during a meeting this morning. It got even better when I was met by a smiling other half at the tube station this evening, then treated to ...



Lunch at Yo! Sushi this afternoon. The ever-dependable Chicken Katsu Curry, this time paired with Beef and Garlic Teriyaki. Just out of shot: a steaming bowl of miso soup.