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Because I’m worth it…

I'm about to spend nearly three hours on a slow, hot and uncomfortable train to Cheltenham. So it's not hard to justify a quick stop at Yo! Sushi for a Chicken Katsu Curry and miso soup. I'll remember it fondly as I melt on the train, all the time wondering about the sorry state of ...


Drugs are bad, M’kay?

Yesterday, I was hit with a dose of hay fever that almost incapacitated me. Seriously. I met @Nutchild and @FrankDJS for some BBQ at Bodean's at Tower Hill and spent most of the meal preparing to sneeze, bracing myself for a sneeze, sneezing and recovering from a sneeze. All while trying to avoid sharing my ...


Sumo Sushi Blowout

This afternoon marked a long-overdue return to the now infamous Yo! Sushi "Sumo Sunday". Basically, you give them Β£20 (Β£19.50 for you pedants) and they let you eat all you can off the sushi belt for a full 60 minutes. Now. An arrangement like that will seem like a bargain to most normal people. We ...


Lunch at Yo! Sushi

And no sushi in sight. Instead, a new jumbo-sized portion of the excellent Chicken Katsu Curry with a side of Beef & Ginger Teriyaki. Nom-tastic!


It’s the little things

It is indeed the little things. I turned one year older today and my birthday was considerably improved by a gorgeous Victoria sponge and a cup of tea during a meeting this morning. It got even better when I was met by a smiling other half at the tube station this evening, then treated to ...



Lunch at Yo! Sushi this afternoon. The ever-dependable Chicken Katsu Curry, this time paired with Beef and Garlic Teriyaki. Just out of shot: a steaming bowl of miso soup.