I finally got to see Logan last night, after a couple of false starts over the weekend. And I can say without hesitation, it was worth the wait. This was the Wolverine film that we needed to see when X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released and definitely beats the pants off 2013’s The Wolverine. Logan was […]

An epic post from Comic Book Resources, outlining all the various teams the X-Men (and spin-offs) have constituted since the 60s. I’m not that old, but I remember from number 3 onwards. Such happy memories of hours spent reading x-books (even when they were so god-awful back in the 90s) and trying to figure out […]

Marvel’s new Wolverine series launches shortly and features a Logan who’s been stripped of his mutant healing factor. Despite what a lot of Wolvie fanboys are screaming, I think this is an excellent plot development and one that gives writers a chance to move the character in new and interesting directions. Over the last few years, Wolverine […]

I passed by this drinks machine near Ueno Park in Tokyo and couldn’t resist taking a photo. I was secretly hoping it would be stocked with some form of Marvel Comics-related drinks… X-Men Cola? Mutant Juice? Sadly, it was full of the same drinks all other machines seem to have in Tokyo – coffee, green […]

This was not the trailer I was expecting, but I like it. I like it a lot. Much better than an unending series of Michael-Bay-esque explosions and giant robots (which we all know are going to feature at some point. Sentinels, duh!). Interesting cameos from various characters…I spotted Bishop and Blink, while the Guardian reports […]

Despite news of X-Factor’s cancellation a while back, I knew that it would have to make a return some day. I just didn’t think it would be so soon! According to Newsarama, X-Factor – albeit in a very different form – will return as a corporately-sponsored team. The book will still be written by the […]

Yes! And she kicked ass.We saw this coming in issue 8, but in Uncanny X-Men 9, the one…the only…Alison Blaire (AKA Dazzler) made a triumphant return to Uncanny X-Men. After hopping across Dimensions in the excellent, but short-lived, “X-Treme X-Men“, she’s back on Earth and working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform and big gun aside, she’s liaising […]

I went to see “The Wolverine” this afternoon, the sequel to “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. If you want the really quick review, I’d say it was an improvement over “Origins”, is pretty slick but a little long and over-complicated. It has several things going for it: We get to see more of Wolverine’s past, this time […]

Over on Newsarama, they’re rumour-mongering that Marvel is setting us up for a sequel-of-sorts to Civil War. Except this time, it’ll involve time travel. I like what Newsarama is rumouring. (Yes, this is a proper use of the word. Which I think we can all agree is a perfect cromulent word.) Anyway, imagine heroes beating […]