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Spontaneous running joy!

Don't ask me why. But somehow, I woke up before my alarm this morning. A full 30minutes earlier than planned. @TheFrankFlyer brought me my usual Nespresso in bed (bless 'im!) and after a quick perusal of the new on my iPad, I found myself getting dressed. In my running gear! A quick glance at my ...


A lovely Brompton ride for two

We took our Bromptons out for a quick spin yesterday afternoon. Only from Canary Wharf to St. Katherine Docks, but it was great to get outside (in advance of an evening in front of the TV) and enjoy a brief sunny interlude while enjoying a drink at Starbucks. The only challenge? Dealing with the cobblestones ...


Bromptoning by the river

Just in from a lovely potter about on the Brompton. According to the data on @FrankDJS' Apple Watch, we covered 11.72 miles in about 1 hour, 49 mins. So, not exactly racing about! We left Canary Wharf and headed to Limehouse, then north along Regent's Canal. There was a real buzz along the canal, with ...


A post-Xmas recovery run

I flew back from Scotland yesterday morning, having spent a few days absorbing calories from the very air around me. It was a typical post-Xmas scenario: in just the three days spent in Scotland, it was meal after meal, battling the Scottish cold and damp and eating more to feel better. This included meals out, ...


Meandering by the river

I spent most of this afternoon cycling around by the river. From Canary Wharf along the Thames Path, through Limehouse and Wapping out to St. Katherine Docks. The sun was out, the bike needed an airing and I was keen to avoid staying in all day - despite the symptoms of chemical warfare my hay ...


2013…My year in review

Like many, many other bloggers (and normal people) around the world, I'm using this strange between-holidays time to think about what the new year will bring. But also to reflect on 2013. Any recollection can be incomplete and/or subject to misremembering. Or just blatant fiction-writing. So please excuse any of the former, while I try ...


The view from the Shard

A quick trip to the top of the Shard this afternoon. While not the sunniest of days in London, the views were still fantastic. All the same, they could do with cleaning the windows...


It’s the thought that counts

Or rather the lack of thought. Overnight, I had my third bike stolen in the space if just two years. From within our building. I know... Now I don't live in some crack ghetto, I live in Wapping. But if my asshole neighbours keep leaving the garage door open, passing scumbags will chance their arm ...


Wapping in the snow

A very snowy Wapping this morning. Thankfully it's finally stopped snowing, but the pavements are lethal.