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Some Star Trek excitement building?

The new Star Trek TV show kicks off next month. That would normally be a cause for celebration for this geek, but early leaks and then some very provisional trailers left me feeling decidedly underwhelmed. But then last night, I stumbled across the longer version of the trailer, which appears to have been edited and ...


The Guardians are back!

Oh how I've waited for news of the sequel to 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Finding the trailer online this morning was a great start to the day and had me laughing out loud in seconds. Baby Groot! Baby Groot! https://youtu.be/3AYQDq9efdk Drax still doesn't get subtlety and Star Lord remains an adorable sleaze-bag. The sociopathic genetically ...


This has me so excited

The new trailer for Rogue One dropped the other day and I've watched it over and over since. Such a geek, such a Star Wars fan. https://youtu.be/frdj1zb9sMY The trailer is so well cut - it's tantalising and dramatic. Fleeting shots of characters and scenes you just want to know more about. It's already being examined ...


New Star Trek trailer: wow!

So the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer dropped a few hours ago. I've now watched it about six times and can't wait to see this on a massive screen. It's a big improvement over the last trailer, but I'll withhold judgement until I've seen the whole thing. Only a couple of months to go! https://youtu.be/dCyv5xKIqlw


Thoughts on the new Fantastic Four trailer

After two distinctly average attempts to put the Fantastic Four on the big screen, they're back for one more try. And this trailer indicates they're not going for the shiny shiny happy tone of the last couple - it has a pretty dark tone to it. http://youtu.be/cxIldZcUuCk Hard to tell at this point - with ...


Some thoughts on *that* trailer

I won't lie. It was the first thing I did when I woke up yesterday. I'd received an excited tweet from @Nutchild with a link to the new Star Wars trailer. I played it immediately, on my iPhone 6 plus. I played it again while still in bed. And then again. I played it once ...


Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer!

Now this looks impressive...but it leaves me with one concern: are we running the risk of "too many villains"? Several superhero films have fallen on the faces due to squeezing in just too many characters. It's great for the fan-boys like me, but less enjoyable for the average cinema-goer. I love cameos, purely because I ...


*gasp* Winter Soldier teaser trailer *gasp*

It's mere seconds long, but it was enough to send shivers up this geek's spine. The teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to Captain America, "Winter Soldier". Oooohh...


New Star Trek trailer

The new trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness looks...amazeballs. More action, more story and more explosions. This is going to be my film of the year if the last one was anything to go by. Roll on May, I'll be queuing up for this one!