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Seeking sauna solitude

I'm spoiled. I know this. We have a sauna, a gym and a pool in our apartment block. And while the gym is maddeningly over-subscribed (it's one way to get to know your neighbours - up close and personal!) I usually have the sauna all to myself. And we know how much I love a ...


More reflections on sauna etiquette

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis (come one, there's more than one of you, or these WordPress stats are simply lying to me) will know I love a good sauna. I have no idea where this addiction came from, except that a sauna relaxes me like nothing else on earth. I could ...


In which I reflect on spa etiquette

I’m in Canada at the moment, having just left Montreal for Quebec City. Our hotel in Montreal really was wonderful – the fact that we had three different hotel rooms and needed to move room once at 10pm notwithstanding, the stay was relaxing and fun. The hotel had its own spa, consisting of a nice ...