Star Trek possibilities


The news that there’s a new Star Trek TV show on the way did not escape me. Not one bit. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

I still remember tuning in to see the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and how I neglected dinner and the school friend who was visiting, shuffling close to the TV screen to absorb every last detail. This was, of course, long before the days of on-demand TV, so I had to wait a loooong time before I ever saw that episode again.

But I quickly started recording them on VHS (remember that?!) so I could watch them over and over again. I had loved the original series and watched the movies at every opportunity, so to have a new episode of a new ongoing series appear on TV was like manna from heaven to me.

And, if I’m honest, this cycle was repeated every time a new Star Trek series started. I’ve lost count of the hours spent watching DS9, Voyager and yes, even Enterprise. Each series had it share of awful phases and shockingly bad episodes (from memory, Voyager had more than a couple!). But overall, Star Trek on TV was overwhelmingly entertaining and fun.

And it’s fair to say I’ve remained a fan.

So… there’s a new Trek ongoing series on the way and I’m very, very excited at the possibilities. Firstly, when will it be set? Is it going to be set in the same time-frame as the new series of movies? Will we be seeing contemporaries of Kirk and Spock? Or will it be set in the same century as The Next Generation? Both offer intriguing possibilities.

And then… what will its focus be? Will it be set on a standard starship, like TOS and TNG, or maybe a space station, like DS9? Or another scenario entirely? Are we talking a crew of explorers, or maybe Star Trek’s equivalent of the police?

The wait is going to be agonising and I hope it’ll be worth it. And now, we just need to wait for the inevitable avalanche of rumours and leaks.

Each of which I’ll consume with glee.

Squeal-inducing Star Trek “news”

SpockKirkI have @Nutchild to thank for bringing this to my attention: the very slight possibility that Star Trek is going to return to TV as an ongoing series.

I know.

Deep breaths.

Hold my hand: shit just got real.

According to Newsarama:

Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk tweeted on October 8 that during a press junket for the film Ender’s Game, Star Trek co-writer/producer Robert Orci told him that the franchise’s producers had met with CBS to do a new Star Trek television series. Neither Michalczuk or Sky News have published a formal article elaborating on this and Orci hasn’t made any public comment on his own, so this second-hand statement can be seen as a potential, but unconfirmed report.

Yes, yes…a rumour and nothing more. But there are mere details. This fills my geekish heart with joy.

Oh happy day.

No news on when it will be set – pre- or post-Kirk, or even if it will be set on a ship. There’s plenty of Trek universe to be fully explored out there – look at what Deep Space 9 did with a single space station as the stage for a show. And look at the multitude of books and games that have spun out of this various shows and films.

My own fan-boy preference?

A show set post-Enterprise, but before The “Original Series” with Shatner and team. Back when it was still dangerous as all hell to go into space, before there was a Federation to fall back on and when homo sapiens were the new kids in town. Bumbling and finding there way from one disaster to the next. Plenty of opportunity to explore first contact with other species in depth. Plenty of scope to pick up some of the plot threads left dangling at the end of Enterprise.

But what do I know? I’m just one nerd among a galaxy of super-nova level nerds.

I’d be happy with pretty much any Trek content in a new ongoing series.

You hear me CBS?

Where many men have gone before…



It was @FrankDJS‘s fault for pointing it out in the first place…a guy walking through Canary Wharf with a model Starship Enterprise in a bag.

Geeky excitement rose in me like a hunger.

Five minutes later, I was in a newsagent’s, drooling over the “Part One in a Series of…” Star Trek models set. It was only £1.99 and it was the Enterprise D – how could I leave it there for that price?

I’m now home, having placed it on my desk and looked over every inch of its gorgeous detail, wondering how I’ll be able to sneak in all the other parts in the series without tipping off @FrankDJS.

To be honest, I think he’s already resigned to the fact that there are more Star Trek models on the way. He’s moved his collection of KLM houses from the bookshelf in the study.

Now that’s love. Am I right?

I’m already looking forward to the next model in the series… the original and best NCC-1701.


Review: Star Trek Into Darkness


You cannot imagine the frustration of being a massive geek and not having time to see the latest Star Trek film in the cinema. It’s been out for so long, I’ve had to work hard to avoid overhearing or reading spoilers. But I was determined to see it on the big screen…

After a busy few weeks at work and then moving home, I finally got to see it last night.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Now, let’s put this in context. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since I was old enough to watch moving images on the TV screen. I have vivid memories of watching Shatner et al run around dodgy sets in the Original Series when I was five or six. I instantly fell in love with the movies and – whether this is something to be proud of or not – I know most of the movie dialogue off by heart.

I’ve watched each literally dozens of times.

I was a little nervous when the last film came out. A reboot? Of Star Trek? Just how awful would it be?! I braced myself for nonsense and was so happy and relieved when it turned out to be a massively impressive revisiting of the Star Trek universe. It was clever and funny in so many ways.

I’m happy to report that the sequel is even better.

There’s far less focus on setting the scene and much more on elaborating our insight into the new Star Trek universe. Yes, the events of the first movie have changed things forever and it’s best to think of this as just one of many possible alternative futures.

Thus, Spock and Uhura are…gettin’ it on. Vulcan has been destroyed and most of its inhabitants with it. But we still have the same Enterprise crew, in very familiar guises.

This sequel picks up from the first film and drives us into non-stop, exhausting action. But at the same time, you don’t need to know anything about Star Trek to understand and/or enjoy it. It’s completely self-supporting plot-wise.

Despite being a new twist on an old story, there’s plenty of in-jokes, references and the like to keep old-school trekkies happy. I’m not going to share any of them here for now, as they’re all pretty big spoilers. If you’re into Trek (and you haven’t seen it yet?!) you’ll spot them.

The cast is once again impressive. Even more so, with the addition of the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch. He gives good villain. Quinto and Pine are a great double act, but unlike the old Trek films, the other cast members actually have something to do. No scene-hogging from Kirk and Spock this time.

All the same, for me it was Zachary Quinto (Spock) who stole the show. His facial expressions alone were worth the price of the cinema ticket. I was not alone in wondering what had happened to Chris Pine, though. Was he really trying to emulate William Shatner in his consumption of pies prior to filming?

He looks very…prosperous throughout the film.

Kirk’s love-handles aside, the special effects are massive but also subtle. The cityscapes on Earth are beautiful while the action scenes are so realistic, I totally bought in to their physics-bending content.

But then again, I am a geek.

in summary: new film good. Even better than the last one. Go see.

Next up? More sic-fi geekery with Iron Man 3.

Sauna spoilers…


An amusing experience earlier this evening. After another day of new-home-DIY action, including our second visit to Ikea in as many days and the perfect wall-mounting of a large TV in our bedroom, I felt I deserved some downtime in our sauna.

Yes. The sauna. Don’t know when I’ll get tired talking about the sauna. God, it’s like a dream come true.

Anyway, I got a pleasant 15mins of complete solitude, feeling the stress melt from my bones, when I was joined by some of my new neighbours. Not in itself a bad thing.


They started discussing films they’d recently seen. I’ve been as busy as a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet lately. So I’m well behind on my cinema visits. Despite the stellar films out right now.

They started comparing the plot lines of Star Trek and Iron Man 3 – neither of which I’ve seen yet – so I did the only rational thing. I roared “no spoilers!” And leapt from the sauna into the showers.

I gave it 5 mins and returned. They did the decent thing and kept their plot points to themselves.

Mind you, they left pretty quickly after that.

Wonder if it had anything to do with my excellent social skills…?

I need to see Star Trek in the next week or I’ll just explode.