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New Star Trek trailer: wow!

So the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer dropped a few hours ago. I've now watched it about six times and can't wait to see this on a massive screen. It's a big improvement over the last trailer, but I'll withhold judgement until I've seen the whole thing. Only a couple of months to go! https://youtu.be/dCyv5xKIqlw ...


Star Trek possibilities

The news that there's a new Star Trek TV show on the way did not escape me. Not one bit. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I still remember tuning in to see the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and how I neglected dinner and the school friend who ...


Squeal-inducing Star Trek “news”

I have @Nutchild to thank for bringing this to my attention: the very slight possibility that Star Trek is going to return to TV as an ongoing series. I know. Deep breaths. Hold my hand: shit just got real. According to Newsarama: Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk tweeted on October 8 that during a press junket for the ...


Where many men have gone before…

  It was @FrankDJS's fault for pointing it out in the first place...a guy walking through Canary Wharf with a model Starship Enterprise in a bag. Geeky excitement rose in me like a hunger. Five minutes later, I was in a newsagent's, drooling over the "Part One in a Series of..." Star Trek models set. ...


Starcher Trek!

This is just too good not to share. Take a little "Star Trek: The Animated Series" and mix it with a little bit of (the most excellent) "Archer" and you get... "Starcher Trek"


Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

You cannot imagine the frustration of being a massive geek and not having time to see the latest Star Trek film in the cinema. It's been out for so long, I've had to work hard to avoid overhearing or reading spoilers. But I was determined to see it on the big screen... After a busy ...


Sauna spoilers…

An amusing experience earlier this evening. After another day of new-home-DIY action, including our second visit to Ikea in as many days and the perfect wall-mounting of a large TV in our bedroom, I felt I deserved some downtime in our sauna. Yes. The sauna. Don't know when I'll get tired talking about the sauna. ...


Just keeps getting better!

Thanks to @NutChild for the heads up... here's the new Star Trek trailer. Oh so delicious!


New Star Trek trailer

The new trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness looks...amazeballs. More action, more story and more explosions. This is going to be my film of the year if the last one was anything to go by. Roll on May, I'll be queuing up for this one!