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Living with Alexa: a few weeks in. Just how useful is the Amazon Echo?

After a few weeks of daily use, it's time to reflect on just how useful the Amazon Echo Dot really is. A hint? I now have two of them!


A happy Spotify discovery

Have I told you lately how much I love Spotify? This afternoon, my 'Release Radar' playlist was on in the background, when a live track came on and I thought to myself "I recognise that voice...". I gave it a few more seconds, but couldn't place it exactly. I picked up my iPhone to check the ...


The Hot Sardines – love it!

Spotify flagged up The Hot Sardines in my 'Discover Weekly' playlist a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight. Or listen... you know what I mean. Here's my fave so far - a super-upbeat version of 'Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen'. A lifetime away from the more mushy and shmatzly versions you ...


iOS 10: Lots to learn

After a less than satisfactory upgrade to iOS 10 earlier this week, I've been learning about its bits and bobs through day to day usage. What follows is a far-from-detailed review of the update, which is no way been approaches the thoroughness of some of the excellent reviews (e.g. iMore, MacStories). So, in no particular ...


Here come the shiny new Apple gadgets!

By this time tomorrow, I'll have gorged myself on all the juicy details from Apple's event, pored over the blog posts, zoomed in on all the photos and decided if any of it is of interest to me. I mean, I'll be interested in it all, but I won't be buying it all. My iPhone ...


Torn between iOS and Android? Kind of.

The experiment isn't over! Some of you may remember I got myself all Androided-up a few months back. I bought a Nexus 6P and fell in love with it and its OS, Android. I kept my iPhone and Apple Watch in a drawer and lived a Google-focused existence. Since then, I've moved between the two ...


Will Apple Music be my new Spotify?

I’m a few weeks into Apple’s free three-month trial of Apple Music and, so far, I have to say I’m liking it. The title of this blog post is potentially a bit misleading, in that I’ve never been a massive Spotify user. I’ve never paid for it, but had access to the premium version courtesy ...


So I switched to Android

Brace yourself. I somehow underestimated the impact the following news would have on people who know me well. I was virtually interrogated by work colleagues who couldn’t believe that I…have finally switched from iOS to Android. Take a deep breath. Have a seat. I know I’ve had more time to adjust to this technological earthquake than ...


On technology and challenge

I’ve had my new MacBook Air for just a couple of days now, but I can already confirm it’s the best Apple computer I’ve ever owned. It’s small, light, incredibly fast and has a screen and display that is a joy to look at. I’m reflecting on the brief time when I considered getting a Chromebook to replace my ...