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Race Report: Reading Half-Marathon

Ugh. What a bloody nightmare. Unbelievably, I woke up to snow on Sunday morning. I had stayed over in a friend's place in Newbury the night before, and snow was the last thing I was expecting. It set the tone for the remainder of the day. The weather was definitely not in our favour, veering ...


Wapping in the snow

A very snowy Wapping this morning. Thankfully it's finally stopped snowing, but the pavements are lethal.


Still snowing…

Still snowing here and no signs of letting up any time soon. The tall buildings in the City, usually visible in the top right corner of this view, are completely obscured by snow and cloud.


The snow has returned

The snow is back and has turned me into some sort of hibernating mammal. I'm still mooching around in several layers of clothing I would never wear outdoors, including the thickest dressing gown you've ever seen. I only got out of bed 20 minutes ago... Having had an update on external conditions from my other ...


Snow in Wapping


A snow update

Yes, it's snowing here in Wapping. But not terribly heavily and quite half-heartedly. Most pleasingly, my meeting down at Gatwick has been postponed, so I have absolutely no need to brave the elements and deal with the shambolic train service. Time to stay indoors, keep warm and stay productive. And enjoy the "End of Days" ...


Batten down the hatches

There's some snow on the way. And by "some", I mean an inch or so. But in London and South-East of England, an inch of snow is the closest we come to armageddon and the complete breakdown of society. There are posters up in tube stations warning of the approaching snow and its inevitable impact ...


So very cold

Good morning from a very chilly London. I'm happy to be working from home this morning and not battling with public transport and hiking into the wild of Oxfordshire like yesterday. It's "Operation Fill Yourself With Coffee" right now... and hoping London avoids any snow. We had a few flakes yesterday and it was hellish. ...


Arctic London

No, not really. But we did experience a few inches of snow yesterday. Thus, the city resembled the End of Days, airports went into meltdown and trains sank into the very pit of hell itself. Or something like that. I had plan to write several thousand (much needed) words of my doctoral dissertation. But, like ...