So. This was a long time coming. Or at least that’s how it felt. A new Star Wars movie, this time another prequel, just one year on the heels of  Star Wars sequel.

Confusing, perhaps, for those of us not steeped in the Star Wars universe and its complex history. But Rogue One does a great job of existing as a standalone movie – you don’t really need to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Star Wars to enjoy it.

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I’ve finally watched all of Westworld season one and I’m left wanting more – much more. A sure sign of an excellent TV show.

If you haven’t come cross it yet, the premise is loosely based on the Westworld film of 1973, where a ‘wild west’ theme park is manned by robots.

Forty-three years later, special effects (and dialogue) have moved on, leaving the TV series streets ahead of the movie that inspired it. Fans of the film are sure to disagree, but the TV experience was full of suspense, misdirection, character development and some seriously mind-blowing reveals. To be fair to the original film, that’s tough to accomplish in 90 minutes.

If you haven’t watched any of it now, I’ll start with a brief summary, but after that it’s spoiler-central. You have been warned!

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The new trailer for Rogue One dropped the other day and I’ve watched it over and over since. Such a geek, such a Star Wars fan. The trailer is so well cut – it’s tantalising and dramatic. Fleeting shots of characters and scenes you just want to know more about. It’s already being examined for […]

So the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer dropped a few hours ago. I’ve now watched it about six times and can’t wait to see this on a massive screen. It’s a big improvement over the last trailer, but I’ll withhold judgement until I’ve seen the whole thing. Only a couple of months to go!

The news that there’s a new Star Trek TV show on the way did not escape me. Not one bit. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I still remember tuning in to see the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and how I neglected dinner and the school friend who […]

I won’t lie. It was the first thing I did when I woke up yesterday. I’d received an excited tweet from @Nutchild with a link to the new Star Wars trailer. I played it immediately, on my iPhone 6 plus. I played it again while still in bed. And then again. I played it once […]

@FrankDJS and I braved yesterday afternoon’s blustery weather and went to see Interstellar in our local picture-house. I have to admit, I was bracing myself for its three-hour duration (plus ads and trailers!) but it actually flew by. It’s visually impressive and the soundtrack is mind-blowing. It was very reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (I’m sure […]

Catching up with some reading and watching, geek-style. Owing to a particularly busy work-week, I have a stack of excellent comics awaiting me. I’m particularly interested to see how ‘Original Sin‘ pans out after last issue’s cliffhanger ending. I spent some remaining iTunes vouchers on the latest season of Falling Skies (never seen this one) […]

Against my better judgement, I braved last night’s storms to go to the local cinema to watch the new Robocop remake. That, in hindsight, was a mistake of epic proportions. It was a remake without any good reason – the original wasn’t even a favourite of mine, and I couldn’t think what new spin the creators could put on […]