After a few days of jet-lagged work/survival in Singapore, I’d adjusted to the time difference and was enjoying my visit. Unfortunately, it was time to come home! Note to self: ensure the next visit to Singapore includes a weekend for adjusting to the time difference and enjoying the nightlife a bit more! All the same, […]

I spent an exceedingly pleasant birthday weekend in Berlin last week. Friday morning to Monday evening was not nearly enough to take in the whole experience, but despite historic sites all around me, I spent more time in the sauna than any other place. Let’s rewind. We were staying in the Hilton, which has a […]

It’s the time of year when all the newspapers are advising their readers to engage in one form of detox or another. They spend all of November advising us which fattening food to eat to have the ‘perfect Christmas’ and then point out we’re fat and out of shape and ‘need’ to go on a […]

Regular readers will know how much I like my sauna. Most saunas, actually. As long as they’re clean and not filled with sociopaths. I use the sauna in my apartment building at night, as it really helps me sleep. It’s also somewhere to think and reflect. Obviously, I can’t use technology in there – not unless I want to get burnt by red-hot metal and then have to deal with melting plastic.

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Not tough as in “I just lost an election to a sociopathic orange-skinned, baboon-faced sexual predator with a history of lying and manipulation”, but tough nonetheless. I’ve spent my week battling a cold and cough that kicked off as soon as I arrived in Stockholm on Sunday afternoon. It was nowhere near bad enough to […]

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some significant sauna time during my stay in Korea and Japan. Our hotel in Seoul had a super sauna and hot baths, where I soaked and poached myself quite a bit. I find the process incredibly relaxing and, when done in the evening, it guarantees me a good night’s […]

I’m spoiled. I know this. We have a sauna, a gym and a pool in our apartment block. And while the gym is maddeningly over-subscribed (it’s one way to get to know your neighbours – up close and personal!) I usually have the sauna all to myself. And we know how much I love a […]

So, I have a half-marathon to get ready for. The good news is that a) it’s in October and b) it’s my favourite one: The Royal Parks half-marathon here in London. I have to admit putting running on hold for months for no better reason than bad weather and a new habit of going to […]

I spent yesterday lunchtime at The Big Easy in Canary Wharf, grazing through the brunch menu like some particularly greedy livestock. It was a special occasion, as we’re celebrating @FrankDJS‘s birthday all weekend long. I went in with the best of intentions…an omelette, maybe eggs benedict or something. Unfortunately, they ruined all my plans in […]