In 11 days, I’ll be hopping on the first of our flights to get us to Japan (with a lovely little stopover in Seoul on the way!). Yesterday, we got one step slower when we picked up our JR Rail Passes here in London. These passes are fantastic – we’ve used them before and can […]

And I just can’t hide it… Sorry for the terrible pun, but it couldn’t be avoided. As of this morning, our trip to Japan has been updated and we’re including a visit to Seoul, South Korea as well! We’ve never been, despite discussing it quite a few times in the past. So why the late […]

We last visited Osaka in the Autumn of 2014 and one of my standout memories of the trip is the nightlife around Dotonbori. This compact neighbourhood is just buzzing and characterised by its brightly lit and fairly eccentric restaurant frontages. Many indicate was the restaurant is famous for, but some are harder to decipher if […]

So, as predicted, I was absolutely wrecked by the time we got on our flight from Tokyo to Osaka. Despite the energy drinks consumed in the JAL lounge, I fell asleep on the plane almost as soon as we took off. Then woke up feeling like I’d had a one-hour Vulcan neck pinch. I must […]

A quick pit-stop here in the JAL Lounge in Tokyo Haneda airport. We’re waiting on our flight to Osaka, after which it’s an hour on the bus to Kyoto. And while the flight over was very pleasant, I only slept for about an hour. That means, it’s 0936 Sunday here and I’ve been up since […]

So, the end of another year. While I’m not a huge fan of celebrating New Year’s Eve – people do tend to go over the top in making rash life-changing promises, while others get quite maudlin – I do find it useful to look back over the year and reflect on what I’ve really enjoyed […]

We flew back from Tokyo yesterday and I’m really feeling it today. Not the jetlag – I managed to stay awake until a reasonable time last night, then slept right through to 6am. So I’m feeling pretty awake and ‘switched on’. No. It’s more of a psychological post-holiday come down. I’m missing Japan…big time. But […]

Our flight between Osaka and Tokyo yesterday afternoon highlighted one more difference between the UK and Japan… Japan Airlines staff managed to board our plane with all of its 260 passengers in just 15 minutes with no missing passengers, no arguments over who is sitting where and no passengers attempting to insert luggage the size […]

Something that really hit home this afternoon at Osaka Airport was the Japanese attitude to security. We both realised over the last few days that we’ve hardly seen any police on the streets in either Kyoto or Osaka. Further, people tend to leave their belongings lying around in public, apparently without fear they’ll be stolen. […]