Only a few weeks ago, I wrote about how much I was enjoying my return to OmniFocus. Yet today, I find myself back using ToDoist. If I’m honest, the OmniFocus experiment only lasted a couple of weeks. What’s wrong with OmniFocus? Nothing. It’s a superb app. But after using it intensively for work and personal […]

It’s been a while now, but I’ve finally moved on from ToDoist and gone back to using OmniFocus. Well, I say ‘gone back’, but the app has evolved so much since I last used it, it’s almost unrecognisable. My move from ToDoist isn’t a slight against that app – I still stand by everything I’ve […]

This post, from over a year ago, has turned out to be one of the most popular on my blog. In it, I describe how in my move from iOS to Android, I was looking for a replacement for OmniFocus. After evaluating some options on the Google Play store, I opted for ToDoist. Well, a […]

As I mentioned before  one of my biggest worries about leaving iOS behind was the absence of an Android version of OmniFocus. Having used the app for years, I really came to rely on it for all aspects of my life. Complex, multi-month work projects, shopping lists and everything in between. One month in to life in […]

Brace yourself. I somehow underestimated the impact the following news would have on people who know me well. I was virtually interrogated by work colleagues who couldn’t believe that I…have finally switched from iOS to Android. Take a deep breath. Have a seat. I know I’ve had more time to adjust to this technological earthquake than […]

Today was going to be about getting out, doing lots and enjoying all the pleasures my local cinema could offer. Squeezing as much enjoyment out of the end of the weekend as possible. But it panned out as quite a different sort of day. A combination of atrocious weather, along with some timely equally atrocious […]

I’ve had my new MacBook Air for just a couple of days now, but I can already confirm it’s the best Apple computer I’ve ever owned. It’s small, light, incredibly fast and has a screen and display that is a joy to look at. I’m reflecting on the brief time when I considered getting a Chromebook to replace my […]

Breaking news from Geektown: I’ve just set up my new MacBook Air from scratch in about 20 mins. That doesn’t sound impressive, but bear in mind I didn’t transfer any data over from my old MacBook Air or a backup on an external drive. This was achieved through a combination of the magic of iCloud […]

Like most geeks in the UK, I was frustrated by the inability of Apple’s servers to keep up with my downloading needs when iOS 7 was finally made available to us. Frantic attempts to get my hands on it failed miserably until time differences meant that most of the USA was tucked up in bed […]