I had a fab run yesterday morning. I’d planned to go a little it further than last time and cast my mind back to my training runs for last year’s London Marathon. (Oh, the painful memories!) Anyway, I wanted to have a challenging, long run an not simply go round in a loop. My most […]

I ran 9km over lunch yesterday, in the wonderful London sun. And despite waking up to glorious sun this morning, it seems to have evaporated and gone elsewhere. Nonetheless, I topped up my (very depleted) caffeine levels and hit the streets. (As an aside, my running is fuelled by caffeine, not enthusiasm. Running sans cafe […]

We’re roughly two months out from his year’s Royal Park’s Half-marathon and I’m back into training with gusto. I ran almost every morning when in South Beach last month and, while it was far too hot and humid, it was great to get a few kms under my belt. Also a great way to take in South […]

I’ve been using my new Apple Watch daily for a few weeks now, so I thought it would be useful to reflect how it’s been going. In case anyone out there is still wondering what it’s like to use outside of an Apple Store. If you can’t be bothered to scroll to the bottom, let me summarise […]

I flew back from Scotland yesterday morning, having spent a few days absorbing calories from the very air around me. It was a typical post-Xmas scenario: in just the three days spent in Scotland, it was meal after meal, battling the Scottish cold and damp and eating more to feel better. This included meals out, […]

I popped out for a lunchtime run as I’m working from home today. Looking at the clouds overhead, I was in two minds, but I’m glad I made the effort. I retraced my steps and travelled a little way up Regent’s Canal. Other runners, cyclists and random toddlers aside, the biggest obstacles to a quick run […]

Since my knee surgery back in November, I’ve had one over-riding goal in mind: to get back running. Last week, I enjoyed two short runs out on the streets of London and finished pain-free. Slight stiffness the following day, but nothing awful. It felt fantastic. I’ve been slowly building up a plan to increase distance […]

I hopped out for a quick run this morning before it got too hot. Last time I trained over here in Mallorca I was hitting 15kms before breakfast. Easy. But owing to a distinct lack of exercise in recent months, I just managed a more leisurely 5 and a bit kilometres. Even that left me […]

An update to Nike+ apparently adds a virtual coach to the app – it looks interesting and, for some people at least, will provide a manageable and sensible schedule to prepare for that next race. While running *looks* easy – one foot in front of the other – knowing how to get ready for any […]