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Eurovision: the morning after

Well, that was interesting, wasn't it? I think Lisbon did a fantastic job of hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, a few of the interval pieces dragged a little, and yes, some of the 'natural' conversations between hosts and entrants were a little strained - but aren't they always? The set was amazing, many ...

MacPsych at the movies: La La Land

I think I went to see La La Land at just the right time. Let's face it: the first few weeks of 2017 have been pretty miserable from an international perspective and the news shows haven't held back in delivering a steady stream of doom, gloom and bigotry on a nightly basis. I also need ...


“I’m old fashioned…”

Beautifully delivered by the very talented Sara Gazarek. And I have Spotify's recommendations to thank for stumbling across her beautiful voice. https://youtu.be/XV1JDIFLitk Just added a couple of her albums to my iPhone for off-line listening. Wonderful stuff.


This is cheering me up!

Tough couple of days, what with one thing and another. In fact, a few things. But I've just spent an hour listening to Gregory Porter and I'm feeling a lot better about life in general. Music, eh? Cures all ills... https://youtu.be/Fv4iZDkjzj8 Gregory Porter's new album, Take Me to the Alley is out now and is just lovely. ...


Well, that was random.

Last night's Eurovision really was a change from the norm. On three counts, in fact. For a start Sweden did a magnificent job of hosting a complex and demanding live TV show, not once but three times in a single week. Two semi-finals and a grand final. Additionally, each night was staged differently, with the ...


Eurovision 2016: Australia

https://youtu.be/2EG_Jtw4OyU You may very well wonder how and why Australia is competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. I stopped querying participation some time ago, to be honest. Apparently, the Eurovision knows no borders (though it does know outstanding membership fees, much to Romania's embarrassment). But they're here now and so we better get used to ...


Eurovision 2016: Finland

https://youtu.be/Ge5iMzHc3cY A combination of workload and business travel has kept me away from this blog for too long. This also means I'm way behind on my plans to share this year's crop of Eurovision hopefuls as they are identified. So, in no particular order, let's move on to...Finland! You'll all remember (though probably with the ...


Eurovison 2016: Ireland

https://youtu.be/NpNGjmhH-p4 So we're just under 100 days until this year's Eurovision spectacular. Time to review the songs selected so far. And why not start with Ireland? Why, it's Westlife's Nicky Byrne with 'Sunlight'. It's not bad. Not bad at all. Definitely Ireland's best entry for a few years. (But remember, I'm wrong on Eurovision predictions ...


Terry Wogan, RIP

I woke this morning to news of yet another sad 2016 celebrity death. Jesus, but this year has been rough on our collected talent so far. David Bowie, Alan Rickman and now Terry Wogan. Each different, each using their talents to make lots of people very happy.