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More HyperJapan walkabout videos!

Here are two more quick videos I shot while wandering around the various booths and food stalls at this weekend's HyperJapan expo in London. Just seeing that food on display makes me hungry all over again. https://youtu.be/2sms1l0SKVQ https://youtu.be/qaalmBPGm-Y


HyperJapan 2016: cosplay and food galore!

We spent a few delightful hours at HyperJapan in London this afternoon. A flurry of cosplay, Japanese music, Japanese food, more cosplay and some more food. Pretty much like every visit to HyperJapan ever. Highlights for me were the delicious Takoyaki (octopus balls), despite almost burning my mouth off when trying to stuff them down ...


The morning after

After my epic fall while running yesterday, I had to deal with the fallout last night and this morning. Last night, my elbow kept me awake - I kept rolling over on it, movements which were quickly followed by eye-opening pain. So, not much sleep. This morning, my alarm went off and I eased myself ...


Brunch and shopping

Combined my two favourite pastimes earlier this morning: food and shopping. We walked from Canary Wharf up to Spitalfields Market and made a bee-line for The Diner. No breakfast, plus a walk in the muggy heat had us both hungry and thirsty. I fear I may have gone overboard with the order, as the photos ...


A perfect burger

We walked down through the Isle of Dogs this lunchtime, through the Greenwich foot tunnel and straight into Byron for the most superb burger I've had in a while. A perfectly cook beef patty, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, jalapenos and a battered onion ring. Perfection in a bun. The most amazing combination of flavours ...


Regent’s run

We popped out on the Bromptons again yesterday, this time heading up the Regent's Canal as far as Victoria Park and back. Victoria Park was mobbed with other cyclists, runners, walkers and random toddlers who seemed determined to walk in front of someone. And there were the dogs! Victoria Park is beautiful, but as soon ...


Top tip for nosebag: Jackson & Rye

@FrankDJS and I popped into town for dinner with a friend last night and, after drinks at Freedom in Soho, considered where we'd like to eat. We were literally next door to a new (new to us) restaurant called Jackson & Rye on Wardour Street. Hunger overtook any other plans and we dashed next door ...


That’s one big hole!

A few snaps I took when out walking around Canary Wharf last weekend. Back then, the sun was still shining - right before it was replaced with grey skies and rain yesterday. Ah, summer... it was nice while it lasted. We walked past the huge building site over at what was Wood Wharf and, over ...


Two days of sun?!

Amaze-balls! It got up to 25C here this afternoon and I enjoyed as much of the sun as I possibly could. I kicked off with a training run which, in hindsight, wasn't a superb idea. While I've previously trained in as much as 28C and direct sunlight in Spain, I was well-hydrated and ran with ...