I love this… Turns out that some of the filming for the new Star Wars movie was done in my local Tube station, Canary Wharf. Gizmodo have the details. The first Rogue One trailer has dropped, and London’s own Jubilee Line appears to have played host to one of the movie’s most exciting scenes. Commuting can be […]

Yesterday’s workday started with a cracker of a headache and I’m afraid it only got worse as the day progressed. I basically gave up at 5pm and decided to get the hell out of dodge. I couldn’t face the tube…the smell, the crowds, the noise. So I started walking. I was partly walking to avoid […]

This morning I was mildly entertained by a sight I’m seeing more and more frequently lately: a woman putting her make-up on while on the tube. The Central Line was jammers this morning, with people almost sitting on top of each other. Despite this, she sat there, gamely attempting to make contact between her eyelashes […]

TUBECOMMUTEesBarbara Ellen has a pop at men who sit on trains with their legs too far apart in today’s Observer. She calls out men who sit as if they’re about to give birth to a live mammal, impinging on the available seating space for their fellow passengers.

And she’s not wrong here – I’ve seen many men do this on the Tube.

First, this idea that these men have “no choice” but to sit with their legs splayed, dominating-alpha-style. The justifications I’ve seen range from the differences of the male pelvis, and the threat of overheated sperm, to having their “stuff outside” and not wanting to put their “junk in a vice”.

Then there is size, nature having been so over-generous in its provision that the men are unable to sit normally on public transport. Judging by the number of men who manage to sit perfectly normally, there seems to be a modicum of delusional bragging going on here.

This isn’t about bodies. You don’t see women with large breasts flopping them over seats or people’s shoulders, saying: “Sorry, this junk’s outside – I’m going to need some of your space!” Nor do women sit with their legs splayed, crying: “Ever heard of thrush and cystitis? I’ve got to cool this baby down!” If women don’t ask for special consideration for their physique on public transport, why should men? It doesn’t make sense. Then again, when it comes to zoning, maybe it does.

However, the fault doesn’t lie with men alone, something that the many comments on her article are quick to point out.

I’d argue that a lack of consideration for your fellow passengers isn’t gender-bound, but is instead something more fundamental: pure selfishness.  Continue reading

On the tube this afternoon, I saw a man wearing what must have been the shortest denim shorts in the history of all civilisation. It was hard not to stare. Their very shortness pulled my disbelieving eyeballs in their direction, much like an unwilling Millennium Falcon caught in the tractor-beam of an all-powerful Death Star. […]

Aside from waking up at an un-godly hour to get to the hospital for my MRI scan, my morning wasn’t the most fun. I found out at the last minute that London Underground was providing its usual weekend service (i.e. half the network down for “upgrades”) which meant me taking the DLR to Bow and […]

Don’t for one moment think I’m complaining about the (long overdue) arrival of summer in London, but… Seriously, people. It’s hot. That’s no excuse for not washing thoroughly. in fact, it’s an indication for you to engage in a little extra scrubbing before leaving home in the morning. I got the tube from Bank to […]

Coming home last night (after an epically long day) I saw one of those slow-motion disasters that happens all too frequently: I watched a women drop her iPhone 5 onto the cold, unyielding surface of a London Underground platform. It was gut-wrenching and I can still her face screw up into absolute agony. There was […]

Sat next to a man on the tube earlier, with a box of beer on his lap. Five minutes into the journey, his “box of beer” started to make cat-like noises and moments later, a kitten poked its head out of the top. The entire carriage of normally-stern Londoners melted as one and went “aww…”. […]