Since my knee surgery back in November, I’ve had one over-riding goal in mind: to get back running. Last week, I enjoyed two short runs out on the streets of London and finished pain-free. Slight stiffness the following day, but nothing awful. It felt fantastic. I’ve been slowly building up a plan to increase distance […]

I went for my first post-knee surgery run last night. It was definitely a case of dipping my toe in the water and, as per my physio’s advice, I started on the treadmill. One minute of gentle running, alternated with one minute of walking. I kept that up for 15 mins, but only after doing […]

Like many, many other bloggers (and normal people) around the world, I’m using this strange between-holidays time to think about what the new year will bring. But also to reflect on 2013. Any recollection can be incomplete and/or subject to misremembering. Or just blatant fiction-writing. So please excuse any of the former, while I try […]

The recovery from knee surgery continues. Like something from a biblical story, I cast aside my crutches for the first time today and ventured out into the Canary Wharf shops. It feels strange, but liberating, to be walking without the crutches. The strangest thing is how everyone walking around me pays no attention to me, […]

An update to Nike+ apparently adds a virtual coach to the app – it looks interesting and, for some people at least, will provide a manageable and sensible schedule to prepare for that next race. While running *looks* easy – one foot in front of the other – knowing how to get ready for any […]

I’m finally feeling like I’m on the other side of this knee surgery. I’ve had two sessions of physio and can feel the benefit of both. The evening after each session, my knee – actually my entire right leg – felt like it’d been mauled by a bear. But the following morning, I had more freedom of movement in the joint, less stiffness and far less pain.

I can feel improvements daily, along with reduced pain. As important is my increased confidence that I can use the leg and not fall over! I’ve moved from needing the crutches to get around, to only using them when outside of the apartment. Yesterday, I found myself walking around Canary Wharf (not my best idea – it was one of the special kids-focused afternoons!) using the crutches more as a security blanket than providing me with actual support.

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Part six in my self-absorbed diary of recovery from relatively minor knee surgery… This morning’s chore was to remove the dressings on my knee and replace with cleaner, smaller ones. I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to this one bit. I even reached into the stash of painkillers a little early, to steel […]

I wasn’t going to even write two posts with updates on my post-surgery experience, but I’ve noticed they’ve actually been quite popular. Either lots of you are having or have had knee surgery and are empathising with me or scaring yourselves silly…or I’ve tapped into a whole new fetish scene. Either way…brace yourselves. Today was […]

I’m sub-titling this post “Planning for Recovery”. Even though it sounds like something a politician in a failing state would name a bland economic document. Anyway. The post-op stiffness has decreased quite a lot overnight – I’m walking a little less like John Wayne and more like Nathan Lane pretending to be John Wayne (The […]