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Considering WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) begins next week and, as usual, the rumour mill as achieved maximum output. This is partly fuelled by Apple itself - they’ve been dropping heavy hints about ‘new product categories’ for some time now. A new product category wouldn’t accurately translate into a new iPhone or iPad model. Sounds like something *completely* ...


Evernote on your wrist?

Pebble’s announcement of an Evernote app for their smart watch has piqued my interest. I think Pebble is the standout winner (so far) in the battle of the smart watches, due to a combination of usability and battery life. Cost is obviously a factor too. Now they’ve opened an app store and one of the biggest names to announce an ...


Considering a bigger iPhone

It’s mid-January, so obviously rumours of the next iPhone model have started. Actually, I read iPhone 6 rumours the day after the iPhone 5s was announced. I suspect some people spend their entire technology writing careers creating and propagating crazy Apple rumours. Implausible rumours aside, the trend for bigger mobile phone screens continues, while Apple has retained ...