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Here comes Spider-Man (again)

The first trailer for the new Spider-man film has finally been released and it's a doozie! If you've seen Captain America: Civil War, you'll know it (spoiler alert!) featured a certain Peter Parker in a cameo role. It looks like Spider-Man: Homecoming picks up after that, as the trailer features the ever-suave Tony Stark (a.k.a. ...

MacPsych at the Movies: Doctor Strange

I'll fully admit that I went to see this film out of a sense of obligation. I'm a massive Marvel Comics fan and have enjoyed nearly all of the movie adaptations they've made in the past few years. But I was worried about Doctor Strange, as it represents such a change in tone from it ...

A spoiler-free Captain America: Civil War review

Want the shortest version of this? Captain America: Civil War is excellent for fans of comics, super heroes and action films. However, if you don't know what S.H.I.E.L.D. is or how it's different from Captain America's shield, you may find it hard to keep up with this one. Indeed, if you can't accept that it's perfectly reasonable for two World ...


New trailer for Captain America: Civil War

https://youtu.be/dKrVegVI0Us There's no other way to put this - Captain America: Civil War looks epic. I'm more excited for this film than any of its predecessors in the Marvel Studios catalogue. After several high-profile outings for the Avengers, featuring not a small amount of collateral damage, the government brings in a registration protocol. The need ...


Expecting a Civil War?

I am. And I'm looking forward to it! Here's the first trailer for 'Captain America: Civil War' which, if the comics are anything to go by, will pitch hero against hero as they fight over the government requirement to have a 'register' of super-heroes. The Avengers 'schism' and find themselves on opposite sides of the ...


MacPsych Must Read: Guardians of the Galaxy

It's been a while since  had a comic-realted update on here and, after catching up on some back-issues, I wanted to share some more recommendations. Surprising myself, I'm loving "Guardians of the Galaxy". I remember reading reprints of the very original series, but this is quite a departure from that. It has all the hall-marks ...


Review: Iron Man 3

I finally managed to see Iron Man 3 last night, after what seemed like a very long wait. As with Star Trek, I've been trying desperately to avoid any spoilers and after seeing Iron Man last night, I'm very glad I succeeded. (Don't worry - no spoilers here, you can keep reading...) As with the ...


Book me a seat. Now.

This looks amazing. Finally! We get to see the Mandarin. And Iron Patriot. (Please let there be various cameos from the other Avengers...) Iron Man 3, ladies and gentlemen. What I'll mostly be watching next month.


Iron Man 3 trailer

This. Looks. Amazing. Plus: is that Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin?