I’m in Dublin for work right now, staying here until Thursday night. And lucky for me, I get to stay in the town where I grew up, Dun Laoghaire, which is south of the City.  I landed to a surprising – but welcome! – amount of winter sunshine, so as soon as I’d unpacked and […]

I’ve just checked-in to my hotel here in Dublin and had to share this… I got a taxi out from the airport and had a surprisingly nice chat with the driver, considering we were discussing Brexit and Trump. We both felt a little helpless and both agreed that focusing on the sunshine was probably more […]

As I’m working in Dublin tomorrow, I decided to make a weekend of it and revisit some of my old stomping grounds. I couldn’t have asked for better weather as @FrankDJS and I visited Dun Laoghaire, where I grew up. Just a short train ride from the city centre, with beautiful views out into Dublin […]

So we’re just under 100 days until this year’s Eurovision spectacular. Time to review the songs selected so far. And why not start with Ireland? Why, it’s Westlife’s Nicky Byrne with ‘Sunlight’. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. Definitely Ireland’s best entry for a few years. (But remember, I’m wrong on Eurovision predictions almost […]

Not that queen. This one. Panti Bliss – the newly-crowned Queen of Ireland. Merry Christmas Panti!  

Amazingly, yesterday afternoon I used my iPhone to order a passport card from the Irish Passport Office. Amazingly? Well, I used the iPhone app Irish Passport Card from the Department of Foreign Affairs, filled in some basic details, then took an appropriately grim-looking selfie and I was all done. It took a total of about six […]

So Ireland’s Minister for Health came out on the radio this morning. The government didn’t collapse. The country didn’t sink into the Atlantic and the people didn’t take to the streets with pitchforks. Leo Varadkar is gay, end of story. While I occasionally comment on the sexual orientation of people in the public eye, I […]

Yep. There’s something in the air. You can see it all over Europe, as people across the continent look up with a sense of anticipation and optimism for the future. Exercising their democratic right, they vote in their millions and select… Their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Now, I won’t hear a word against the […]

I just watched this video. And you should too. Yes, there’s a very local Dublin story that sits behind this speech. But it’s also a universal story. A story about every gay man and woman who has wondered what it is – what precisely it is – about them that bigots hate. I could be flippant and make […]