Since I got my iPad Pro 9.7″, my iPad Mini3 has been relatively unused. As in, completely unused. The Pro has replaced it in all things, to the point where when I picked it up yesterday, the little red notification illustrating app updates from the App Store was in triple figures.

A sure sign that I haven’t been using it.

Sure, it’s regularly been placed on the charger to keep it full of juice, but that’s it. I almost felt guilty for abandoning this little, previously-loved, iPad. So I decided to do something about it.

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I love my Knomad mini, as is apparent from this post. It’s incredibly handy for traveling, keeping my passport and iPad safe and looks good too. Too good, perhaps… Since that last post, my Knomad collection has grown, worryingly. I now have a black leather Knomad built for an iPad Air, the same model in […]

Sitting in Heathrow T5 – the British Airways lounge, to be exact – waiting for my flight to Singapore. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I might be finally getting the hang of these long-haul jaunts. I used my usual Evernote packing list (don’t laugh) to ensure I didn’t forget anything important. Like underwear. […]

I’ve been using the very lovely Knomad Mini Portable Organiser from Knomo for the last week. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for some time and, after a good month on the work front, I decided to treat myself. What is it? It’s built to carry an iPad Mini, along with the carious other […]

I’m working away from home all this week and, in an effort to pack as light as possible, I stripped back on the tech and Filofaxes, simply taking an iPad mini, an A5 Moleskine notebook and the Filofax Pennybridge iPad Mini case. The latter neatly holds the iPad in a flexible shell, while also holding an […]

So I fly to Japan this Saturday. And I simply can’t wait. I don’t want to miss out on a single thing, but I just can’t trust my memory to remember every detail. No news there! As always, I’m using Kayak to store my flight details and automatically add them to my iCloud calendars on […]

It’s mid-January, so obviously rumours of the next iPhone model have started. Actually, I read iPhone 6 rumours the day after the iPhone 5s was announced. I suspect some people spend their entire technology writing careers creating and propagating crazy Apple rumours. Implausible rumours aside, the trend for bigger mobile phone screens continues, while Apple has retained […]

My new iPad Mini with Retina Display was delivered this afternoon. I was so busy preparing to finish work so I can recuperate from tomorrow’s knee surgery that I’d completely forgotten it was due. I’ve only had about 30mins to play with it, and most of that was setting it up with my various accounts, […]

In the end, I went for an iPad Mini (Retina) wifi model. Couldn’t justify the extra expense of 3G (4G?) when I’m pretty much connected to wifi all day and night. And when I’m not, there’s always tethering it to my iPhone and its (seemingly) limitless data allowance. And if I can’t get connection on […]