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Beautiful London skyline

Walking home towards the river at Canary Wharf this evening, I came across this spectacular view of the City. Taken from Westferry Circus, you can see the City's various skyscrapers, silhouetted against a really colourful sunset.  I stopped to take it in for a few minutes, until the cold turned my fingers numb... Views like ...


Coffee and a sit down. The perfect antidote to grocery shopping on Christmas Eve.

Coffee and a sit down. The perfect antidote to grocery shopping on Christmas Eve. From Instagram: http://ift.tt/1J6vaiK


Happy 30th Birthday, Mac

A great Instagram video from the team The Verge, showing all the great computers Apple has launched since.


Beautiful sky over London last night. Took a quick snap on my walk home.

from Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/cyGBmCRS8r/


Taking the sun…

@FrankDJS and I taking a break from some retail therapy to enjoy the London sun... yet another "selfie". I think I'm getting addicted to taking photos of myself with the iPhone.


The Google+ paradox

I've been using Google+ for almost as long as it's been available. It has a lot going for it: excellent apps for the iOS platform, a gorgeous browser interface and interaction with other users that is missing from almost every other social media platform I've used. There are some fantastic interest groups / forums and ...