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Revisiting the Bucket List

I've reviewed my 'Bucket List' now that I've ticked off a few items, and decided to add a few more for good measure.


Making bucket list progress

Several moths ago, I made a list of things I'd like to do before I'm 40. My very own 'bucket list'. Purely arbitrary, nothing to do with impending death. I need to emphasise that - every time I mention a bucket list, people think I'm about to share some very sad news about my health. ...


Another bucket-list update

After writing my bizarre bucket-list of things I want to do before I turn 40, I didn't really come back with an update after this. So far, I'm not doing too badly. I've managed to make my way over to Iceland and had a really magnificent time. We fell in love with the place and ...


My very own bucket list

So I turn 40 in 2016. A shock to all of you who have never seen a (recent) photo of me. And, probably, a shock to those of you who have, and assumed I'd passed that landmark long ago. In typical striving fashion, I'm putting together a list of things I want to do before ...