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Revisiting the Bucket List

I've reviewed my 'Bucket List' now that I've ticked off a few items, and decided to add a few more for good measure.


More reflections on sauna etiquette

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis (come one, there's more than one of you, or these WordPress stats are simply lying to me) will know I love a good sauna. I have no idea where this addiction came from, except that a sauna relaxes me like nothing else on earth. I could ...


A weekend in Helsinki

Me and my long-suffering other half spent our 11th anniversary (which I hilariously referred to as "Manniversary" on Twitter) in the very beautiful Helsinki. Perhaps a little odd, given its location and the fact that it's October. But we'd visited there years ago and enjoyed a local wedding - and our time there - hugely. ...