I live! I didn’t just survive this year’s Royal Parks half-marathon, I enjoyed every minute of it! It was, as ever, a well organised and very picturesque race. But the addition of some unexpected sunshine was simply an added bonus. My pacing was a little off due to navigating early crowds and needing to stop […]

I’m sitting in my kitchen, sipping a coffee and preparing to get dressed. At 0900, I’ll start the Royal Parks half-marathon and run 13 miles / 21km around London’s stunning parks. All in aid of Epilepsy Action. Training has gone well and I’ve been very pleased with my longer runs, both in terms of pace […]

I went for my longest half-marathon training run this morning, hitting the 20km marker. Leaving Canary Wharf, I followed by usual route, looping round to Green Park, but then continuing down to Waterloo station. Where I paused for breath before hopping on the tube home. I have to say I enjoyed every step of the […]

I went for another long run this morning, from Canary Wharf over to Green Park again. All part of my preparation for October’s Royal Park’s Half-marathon (you’re getting so bored hearing about this, I just know it!). Anyway, I was a little bit slower this morning, partly due to some pretty horrific insomnia last night (heat-induced, […]

I had a fab run yesterday morning. I’d planned to go a little it further than last time and cast my mind back to my training runs for last year’s London Marathon. (Oh, the painful memories!) Anyway, I wanted to have a challenging, long run an not simply go round in a loop. My most […]

We’re roughly two months out from his year’s Royal Park’s Half-marathon and I’m back into training with gusto. I ran almost every morning when in South Beach last month and, while it was far too hot and humid, it was great to get a few kms under my belt. Also a great way to take in South […]

Last weekend, I hit the streets of London hard. Literally. Falling while out running, I took a lump out of my right elbow, badly hurt my right root and knee and (it turns out) twisted my ankle in the process. This wouldn’t have been so bad – I’m a big boy, after all – except […]

After my epic fall while running yesterday, I had to deal with the fallout last night and this morning. Last night, my elbow kept me awake – I kept rolling over on it, movements which were quickly followed by eye-opening pain. So, not much sleep. This morning, my alarm went off and I eased myself […]

So I went out for a long overdue training run this morning. Managing a decent pace, I was hoping to do about 15km. I’d had a great night’s sleep, was full of the requisite amount of coffee and raring to go.

All went well until I got to Commercial Road. I was busy avoiding the copious amounts of dog shit and abandoned pizza boxes on the pavement when I tripped on a loose paving stone. I was going at a fair speed, so staying upright was a real challenge.

I threw my arms out in front of me and hit the ground with an audible “thwack!”, skidding along on my right side. I managed to prevent my head (and face!) making contact with the pavement, but took a lump out of my right elbow doing so. I also skinned my right knee, hurt both my wrists from the impact and have really hurt the big toe on my right foot.  Continue reading