I picked up a 2015 year planner for my Filofax while in Selfridges yesterday. I’ve been working on some big, long-term projects (more on that in a few months) lately, and I’ve noticed that looking at the year on a single sheet of paper is actually more helpful than on screen. Even the 21″ screen […]

I travel a lot. A. Lot. Mostly for business, mostly short trips to UK cities and occasionally further afield. Personal trips too, mostly within Europe, but at least once a year something to either North America or (like last year and later this year) Asia – in the form of Japan. And in all this […]

As I mentioned before  one of my biggest worries about leaving iOS behind was the absence of an Android version of OmniFocus. Having used the app for years, I really came to rely on it for all aspects of my life. Complex, multi-month work projects, shopping lists and everything in between. One month in to life in […]

Today was going to be about getting out, doing lots and enjoying all the pleasures my local cinema could offer. Squeezing as much enjoyment out of the end of the weekend as possible. But it panned out as quite a different sort of day. A combination of atrocious weather, along with some timely equally atrocious […]

Stationery nerd klaxon! I’ve had my new Filofax one week and it’s barely been out of reach. A stack of meetings and a two-day course on Thursday and Friday meant it was invaluable for extensive note-taking. The fact the Fusion has a pocket large enough to hold my iPad Mini is the icing on the […]

My favourite – and most used – app on both Mac OS and iOS is getting a new version. OmniFocus 2 has been announced, though sadly without a confirmed launch date. What I’ve heard so far about the app is positive. A new forecast view of commitments by timeline Introduction of review mode, just like […]

For those of you not steeped in the intricacies of the GTD craze, it stands for “Gettings Things Done”. It’s basically an approach to help you be more productive and less forgetful and it is set out in all its glory in the original book by David Allen. One of the core elements of any […]

I’ve been a fan of online to-do list generator “Remember the Milk” for some time. However, I found myself printing off the weekly schedule for when I was going to be away froma computer, and then inevitably, losing it or leaving it at home. I wanted mobile online access to the service and now my […]