I’m using my AirPods more than any other earphones right now. They’re powerful, light and pair instantly with all my Apple devices. That said, I’m still finding it difficult to get used to how they look. Sure, for 99% of the time, I don’t see them. But every so often I’ll see my reflection while […]

Quite by accident, I realised today that it’s a month since I first wrote about having a pair of Apple’s hard-to-get AirPods. So, one month in, what do I think? The Positives I’ll say it now. The AirPods are fantastic for phone calls when I’m at my desk. I love being hands free, especially on […]

We’ve been waiting on the arrival of a pair of Apple AirPods in this household for several weeks. To cut a long story short, they were a much-delayed Christmas present for @FrankDJS and proved very elusive online and in-store. While I was passing the Regent Street Apple Store yesterday afternoon, I popped in on a […]

Okay, so this isn’t strictly something that will cause you to run to the Apple Store with money in your hands, screaming “just give me the Apple Watch!”, but… it’s another example of how I find the Apple Watch to be very convenient and helpful. Not life-changing. It’s a watch, after all. I travel around […]

Two things that have blown me away in the past week: You can not only check your email via the Apple Watch, but also process your inbox by deleting unwanted crap right from the watch interface. Those spare five minutes here and there can really help you prune your inbox and separate the important from […]

I’ve been using the very lovely Knomad Mini Portable Organiser from Knomo for the last week. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for some time and, after a good month on the work front, I decided to treat myself. What is it? It’s built to carry an iPad Mini, along with the carious other […]

So I’ve had my new Apple Watch strapped to my wrist for over 24 hours now. All in all, it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve experimented with a few of the various watch faces, but have (for the moment) decided on the one above. It has a nice amount of useful data. In the pic […]

My gadget envy has finally subsided. After watching @FrankDJS enjoy his Apple Watch all this time (not that long, really…) my own Apple Watch Sport arrived yesterday evening. I, of course, got the delivery notification while sitting in a client’s office waiting for a meeting to begin, so that wasn’t frustrating at all. At. All. […]

My new iPad Mini with Retina Display was delivered this afternoon. I was so busy preparing to finish work so I can recuperate from tomorrow’s knee surgery that I’d completely forgotten it was due. I’ve only had about 30mins to play with it, and most of that was setting it up with my various accounts, […]