Two days into my reformed ways for 2017 and food is never far from my mind. I’m back using Huel as a meal replacement and valuable source of vitamins and minerals. It makes for a great start to the day and keeps me really, really full. Which in turn makes it super-easy to avoid snacking or […]

When I say I ‘over-consumed’ over the Christmas holidays, it’s no exaggeration. I consistently ate whatever was put in front of me. When I wasn’t eating, I was waiting on new food being prepared, or taking a short break after finishing my last meal. Or I was asleep.  Breaks between meals were short and sweet, […]

Out-of-office notification is on. Bags are backed. Travel booked. I’m officially on Christmas holidays and not a moment too soon. Gorgeous Christmas lights earlier this evening on Regent Street. #London #RegentStreet #Christmas A post shared by Richard A. MacKinnon (@macpsych) on Dec 20, 2016 at 11:11am PST This time tomorrow, I’ll at my parents’ place […]

I’m really not proud of myself this evening. I’ve done absolutely nothing except eat far too much and then regret my actions.  Let’s start at the beginning. Yesterday evening, @FrankDJS booked us brunch at the local ‘Big Easy‘, kicking off at 11:30am. My plan was therefore simple: get up early, go for a run, then […]

I travel for work. A lot.

And one of the hardest parts of business travel (believe me) is eating healthily. I’m constantly presented with deeply delicious and dangerously unhealthy food on room service menus.

And my will-power is virtually non-existent.

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We’re now in Osaka, having flown out of Seoul yesterday morning. This required an immensely early start, as our flight was at 8am. We left plenty of time, but unfortunately, our taxi driver somehow believed that Seoul was about to be hit by a nuclear missile and so drove to the airport like he was […]

@FrankDJS and I had an early dinner at Boisdale, Canary Wharf last night. I won’t beat around the bush – it was superb. I’d completed a bit of a run earlier that day and had worked up quite the appetite. Dinner at Boisdale. Won't say no to some top quality haggis while I'm here! #canarywharf […]

We went for brunch with friends to the local ‘Big Easy‘ here in Canary Wharf yesterday. And, true to form, I was attracted to the unlimited BBQ deal they offer. Unlimited puled pork, ribs, BBQ beans and roast chicken, plus drinks, for £30. Hard to say no to that, really. But this time, I was […]

We spent a few delightful hours at HyperJapan in London this afternoon. A flurry of cosplay, Japanese music, Japanese food, more cosplay and some more food. Pretty much like every visit to HyperJapan ever. Highlights for me were the delicious Takoyaki (octopus balls), despite almost burning my mouth off when trying to stuff them down […]