I finally got to see Logan last night, after a couple of false starts over the weekend. And I can say without hesitation, it was worth the wait. This was the Wolverine film that we needed to see when X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released and definitely beats the pants off 2013’s The Wolverine. Logan was […]

I’ll fully admit that I went to see this film out of a sense of obligation. I’m a massive Marvel Comics fan and have enjoyed nearly all of the movie adaptations they’ve made in the past few years. But I was worried about Doctor Strange, as it represents such a change in tone from it […]

This looks excellent! A new film about the Irish UN force who served in the (then) Congo during the 1960s. It’s a true story about how a tiny Irish force took on a massive attack from mercenaries and local rebels. From the Irish Times review: “Few will sit through Richie Smyth’s stirring action film without […]

Just call me “Nappy McNapFace”. After my run this morning – after which I felt I could take on the world! – I took a much-needed shower and made myself some lunch. I updated the blog, wasted some time on twitter and booked a cinema ticket. I then had some comics to read, so curled […]

The new trailer for Rogue One dropped the other day and I’ve watched it over and over since. Such a geek, such a Star Wars fan. The trailer is so well cut – it’s tantalising and dramatic. Fleeting shots of characters and scenes you just want to know more about. It’s already being examined for […]

So the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer dropped a few hours ago. I’ve now watched it about six times and can’t wait to see this on a massive screen. It’s a big improvement over the last trailer, but I’ll withhold judgement until I’ve seen the whole thing. Only a couple of months to go!

Want the shortest version of this? Captain America: Civil War is excellent for fans of comics, super heroes and action films.

However, if you don’t know what S.H.I.E.L.D. is or how it’s different from Captain America’s shield, you may find it hard to keep up with this one. Indeed, if you can’t accept that it’s perfectly reasonable for two World War II soldiers to have experienced different forms of suspended animation and still be able to smash down doors and leap through walls, then maybe you should give it a miss.

But I hope you don’t as it’s tremendous fun. Continue reading

I love a good James Bond movie. I’ve seem them all, multiple times. I’m a tad obsessed, actually. I’ve been known to have heated arguments about the merits of the various Bonds, their weapons and gadgets and even the soundtracks. So I was really looking forward to finally seeing Spectre this weekend. It was… just […]

After two distinctly average attempts to put the Fantastic Four on the big screen, they’re back for one more try. And this trailer indicates they’re not going for the shiny shiny happy tone of the last couple – it has a pretty dark tone to it. Hard to tell at this point – with such […]