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The Eight were truly Hateful

I finally got to see Tarantino's latest opus last night, after an abortive attempt last weekend. I bunked off work early (I'm the boss, remember!) and went to the local 4:15pm showing to avoid the crowds. And what an excellent idea. There were only three other people in the screening. (The rest of Canary Wharf, ...


Review: Interstellar

@FrankDJS and I braved yesterday afternoon’s blustery weather and went to see Interstellar in our local picture-house. I have to admit, I was bracing myself for its three-hour duration (plus ads and trailers!) but it actually flew by. It’s visually impressive and the soundtrack is mind-blowing. It was very reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (I’m sure ...


Just watched “Ted”

Puerile jokes. Scatalogical humour. Vulgar language. Frequent references to 'Flash Gordon'. God, Ted was good. Laugh-out-loud good. And with a cast of guest-stars that will have you going "Oooh...look who it is" throughout. Can't believe I hadn't seen it before this evening. What was I thinking?! I virtually know every script to American Dad and Family ...


Review: The Wolverine

I went to see "The Wolverine" this afternoon, the sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". If you want the really quick review, I'd say it was an improvement over "Origins", is pretty slick but a little long and over-complicated. It has several things going for it: We get to see more of Wolverine's past, this time ...


Review: World War Z

I read World War Z shortly after it was first published and loved every single page of it. Without spoiling anything for anyone, the book explores the impact of a "zombie plague", which reanimates the dead and turns them into crazed, blood-thirsty maniacs. It's neither gentle nor subtle, but is a compelling read. Chapter by ...


Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

You cannot imagine the frustration of being a massive geek and not having time to see the latest Star Trek film in the cinema. It's been out for so long, I've had to work hard to avoid overhearing or reading spoilers. But I was determined to see it on the big screen... After a busy ...


New Star Trek trailer

The new trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness looks...amazeballs. More action, more story and more explosions. This is going to be my film of the year if the last one was anything to go by. Roll on May, I'll be queuing up for this one!


Book me a seat. Now.

This looks amazing. Finally! We get to see the Mandarin. And Iron Patriot. (Please let there be various cameos from the other Avengers...) Iron Man 3, ladies and gentlemen. What I'll mostly be watching next month.


Bleak, Depressing…Nordic

I watched "In a Better World" this afternoon, based on nothing more than the hope for some of the drama I've enjoyed in The Killing and The Bridge. It was not exactly what I'd hoped for. While gripping and incredibly well made, it was possibly the grimmest and most depressing thing I've seen in quite ...