Just check out how they opened last night’s semi-final… Give it to Sweden to host every year, I say. And while you’re at it, make Petra Mede President of Europe.

I’ve fallen a little in love with this song since I first heard it. I’ve actually had the Eurovision 2016 album on loop since it appeared on Apple Music. Don’t judge me. But this Italian song, I love. It’s not a winner as it’s not that sing-a-long or memorable, but there’s something about its intensity […]

You may very well wonder how and why Australia is competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. I stopped querying participation some time ago, to be honest. Apparently, the Eurovision knows no borders (though it does know outstanding membership fees, much to Romania’s embarrassment). But they’re here now and so we better get used to it, […]

And here’s France’s entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It’s Amir with “J’ai Church”. It reminds me of a whole bunch of other songs, but mostly it has echoes of last year’s Swedish winner. Upbeat and catchy, I think it’ll do well. It’s interesting how they’ve moved from 100% French lyrics to introducing more […]

After releasing what was probably the most homoerotic Eurovision entry of all time, Russia has decided to get Sergey Lazarev to sing something a little less…full on. And I think it’s a shame. This is (without the video) a very painting-by-numbers pop number. Whereas the first song was flamboyant and memorable, this is doing nothing […]

Next up in my almost certainly incomplete series of Eurovision 2016 song reviews: Estonia! Estonia are sending the quite suave and well turned out Juri Pootsmann, singing ‘Play’. It’s not a blockbuster, doesn’t feature any crazy on-stage shenanigans, but it’s nice all the same. And Juri? Juri will almost certainly turn a few heads. (You […]

Germany have selected Jamie-Lee Kriewitz to represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. While the song itself is really quite glum and uninspiring, Jamie-Lee looks like an explosion of colour and definitely wouldn’t be out of place wandering through Tokyo’s Harajuku on a Sunday afternoon. She’s going for the Kawaii vote here, (check out […]

Wow. This is the most overtly homoerotic Eurovision entry I’ve seen in quite some time. And I think that’s saying something. Russia’s entry – “Take it off” by the obviously talented Sergey Lazarev – makes Top Gun look like a subtle and under-stated treatise on heterosexual bonding. There are Liberace tribute acts in Vegas wondering if Russia has […]

So this is something a bit different from the rest of the Eurovision pop-tactic entries this year. The Netherlands has gone for Douwe Bob’s ‘Slow Down’ and I have to say it’s growing on me. I’ve had it playing in the background while writing a few emails and it’s very likeable. It’s a bit ‘Eagles’, a […]