So that’s that. Eurovision over for another year. And what a show. Sweden did an excellent job demonstrating that you put can on a fantastic Eurovision without breaking the bank. You just need some style, humour, lashing of irony and avoid the need to sell your country like a commodity. Take note, Azerbaijan. I really […]

With less than an hour to go until the second Eurovision Semi-final, I thought I’d sneak in a last preview. Krista Siegfrids from Finland, singing “Marry Me”. I’m really looking forward to seeing this on stage – the video is a hoot. Remember: Finland is the country that gave us Lordi. Really hope this gets […]

Last night’s Eurovision semi-final (part one) was actually very entertaining. Sweden put on a good show and, even though the presenter was pretty far on the wrong side of “odd”, we didn’t see much of her. The attention was firmly on the acts. Which were a decidedly mixed bunch. Some of my faves performed last […]

I’m not really picking this out at random, you know. I’ve been listening to this year’s crop of Eurovision hopefuls, mostly without knowing which country they represent. This tune has stuck with me and I’ve found myself actually humming it. For me, this is a good thing. The song, without any stage-based bangs, whistles or […]

More Eurovision musings… For me, this is a potential winner. It has all the hallmarks and could mark two years on the trot for Sweden. Hallmarks? Well, it’s got a catchy, easy to sing-a-long chorus, upbeat tempo and is actually memorable after it’s finished. Douze points to Sweden from this little enthusiast. See what you […]

Sigh. Well, it’s Greek. And angry. And verging on tuneless. Especially the bizarre chorus. I can speak from extensive experience: Alcohol is most definitely not free. Performed by Koza Mostra, Greece’s entry falls into the newish category of “shout something in English in the hope it will turn into a sing-a-long tune for the masses”. […]

This year, Spain are represented by the established act El Sueño de Morfeo – I’ve even got a couple of their albums after hearing them played incessantly on Spanish radio while holidaying there. I’ve no idea why, but at the contest, they’ll be performing as ESDM. While obviously the initials of the band’s name, to me it […]

Wow. Now this is different, for Ireland. After a series of epic wins in the 90’s, Ireland disappeared without trace. Probably after the Eurovision wiped out RTE’s entertainment budget for the best part of a decade. We had to put up with several years of absolute dross. Including a turkey. I like this. It has […]

This – despite it’s very unfortunate title – has some potential. Between now and the Eurovision Song Contest itself, these songs will be promoted across the continent so that they have a following by the time the votes are cast. Songs that are recognisable or have even built up a fan base will do so […]