My favourite journalling app, DayOne, reminded me this morning that it was four years ago today that I graduated from my doctoral programme in Occupational Psychology. It flagged up my photos from the day (including the one of me in my ridiculous graduation robes, below). But really interestingly, it noted that it was five years […]

So, the great photo upload of 2015 continues – we’re down to about 12,000 photos remaining – and I’m struck by just how many excellent and happy memories are contained in these pictures. It’s underlined for me how important it is to back up these photos in more than one place. And maybe it’s age, […]

As I’m “home alone” this weekend for the first time in a while, I restarted the long-held tradition of staying up far too late watching crap TV, having made poor meal choices. I fended off the strong urge to order take-away and instead enjoyed some pulled pork in a baguette, made at home. Stunning. I […]

  Graduation day… at the O2 in London’s glittering Docklands. Wishing I’d kept the cap and gown. Perfect for a night out on the town… And it only took me five years to get there. Five years of weekend and night reading, writing and procrastination. And lots of moaning about the doctorate to all who […]

This morning, I had my doctoral viva exam (or dissertation defence). To say I was nervous in advance is something of an understatement. I was, as they say in the London vernacular, “bricking it”. Despite the nerves, the worries and the stress-related palpitations, I survived and was told, just 10min after leaving the exam that […]

Right. That’s it. 60,000 words later, the dissertation is complete. I may go mad if I have to proof-read it again, but thankfully I’ve had help in that department. Lots of typos and minor errors caught. All formatting sorted and various appendices organised. It’s time to get it printed so I can offload it at […]

I now have a firm deadline for submitting my dissertation. It’s Tuesday. Next Tuesday. Written feedback from my supervisor on Thursday highlighted a handful of edits I need to make. I also need to change some formatting bits and pieces. Time-consuming, fiddly but nothing I can’t handle. I’m almost there. Predictably, arcane University rules have […]

Another landmark on my route to completing my doctorate: I submitted a completed draft of my dissertation for review. This is draft three, so why is it a landmark? Hopefully, it’s the last one before formal submission next month. I’ve just spent the last four days editing and re-writing much of my dissertation, based on […]

This afternoon I met my doctorate supervisor and we agreed that I’d submit my dissertation in September. Gulp. That makes it official. I have some time – not a lot – to implement quite a few minor edits and reorganisation of content. A month ago, I wanted it off my hands. Now I feel quite […]