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More HyperJapan walkabout videos!

Here are two more quick videos I shot while wandering around the various booths and food stalls at this weekend's HyperJapan expo in London. Just seeing that food on display makes me hungry all over again. https://youtu.be/2sms1l0SKVQ https://youtu.be/qaalmBPGm-Y


HyperJapan 2016: cosplay and food galore!

We spent a few delightful hours at HyperJapan in London this afternoon. A flurry of cosplay, Japanese music, Japanese food, more cosplay and some more food. Pretty much like every visit to HyperJapan ever. Highlights for me were the delicious Takoyaki (octopus balls), despite almost burning my mouth off when trying to stuff them down ...


Hyper Japan! Hyper! Japan!

I spent this afternoon at my first 'Hyper Japan' expo in London. Mind. Literally. Blown. It was basically a hall full of all the things I love: cosplay, amazing Japanese food, more cosplay, karaoke, giant video game characters. And some cosplay. It's very hard to do it justice in a single blog post. It was ...


London Super ComiCon 2014

Had a fantastic morning out at the superb London SuperComicon today. As always (this was my third), the cosplayers were out in force and were really happy to be snapped. The snarling chap above came as Wolverine in his X-Force uniform and was really up for posing with anyone who came his way. A definite ‘A for ...


Geeking Out

I and my intrepid assistant went to the Destination Star Trek London convention yesterday morning. Having geeked out at the Comicon in London earlier this year, I was looking forward to some tongue-in-cheek sci-fi action, some decent cosplay photo opps and the chance to interact with fellow geeks. Boy was I wrong... We both picked up on ...