When I say I ‘over-consumed’ over the Christmas holidays, it’s no exaggeration. I consistently ate whatever was put in front of me. When I wasn’t eating, I was waiting on new food being prepared, or taking a short break after finishing my last meal. Or I was asleep.  Breaks between meals were short and sweet, […]

Out-of-office notification is on. Bags are backed. Travel booked. I’m officially on Christmas holidays and not a moment too soon. Gorgeous Christmas lights earlier this evening on Regent Street. #London #RegentStreet #Christmas A post shared by Richard A. MacKinnon (@macpsych) on Dec 20, 2016 at 11:11am PST This time tomorrow, I’ll at my parents’ place […]

Not that queen. This one. Panti Bliss – the newly-crowned Queen of Ireland. Merry Christmas Panti!  

I think we have all the ingredients again this year… Children Children’s toys that require assembly  Children that require the toys to be assembled faster than is humanly possible A mystery gift with nobody’s name on it Tears Laughter More tears New toys, piled up and ignored in the corner Sausage rolls Multiple sources of […]

After the appearance of Christmas food on the shelves about six months ago, the run-up to this Christmas seem to have lasted far too long. And then yesterday, all of a sudden, it hit me: Christmas is this Friday. Why does this always happen? I’m not unprepared. All gifts have been bought, travel arrangements made […]

Londonist has sampled the leading Christmas sandwiches and, like me, crowned Pret a Manger’s version the best. As if there was any doubt! And if you need convincing, TimeOut London has also placed Pret’s seasonal sanger at the top of its own list (of 28 options!). I think you know what to do next…

I write this tongue firmly in cheek, yet… I popped into M&S this evening, to gather a hastily-assembled dinner. Plans to eat out were abandoned when @Frankdjs came come from work very ill earlier today. So, like the god husband I am, I gamely set off in search of sustenance to keep us going. Bear […]

I just popped out to my local M&S for some comfort food (I have to be up at 0430 tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Barcelona for work, so I thought I deserved it. Judge all you like) and was stopped in my tracks by a sight I really didn’t think I’d witness on […]

Today my main achievements (and I use the term loosely) have been: Getting out of bed – it was seriously comfortable in there, believe me. Making it over to Canary Wharf (8 minute walk) and surviving the sale in Banana Republic Spending most of the afternoon sitting down and eating Finishing off the last of […]