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Stunning advertising from British Airways

In the middle of Piccadilly Circus, an amazing ad from British Airways... Somehow (technology....something something...series of tubes....) this little animated boy points up at the sky at the flight path of incoming BA flights, while the screen announces which particular flight this is. This is entertaining and smart advertising. Michael O'Leary, please take note... (Though ...


An utter nonsense

I'm sorry to say even the BBC jumped on the bandwagon today and trumpeted "British Airways   discriminated against Christian". To me, it demonstrates that they - and most other media outlets - missed the main lesson shared in Strasbourg today - it's not acceptable to use your own religious belief as an excuse for ...


The death of the boarding pass…almost

I spent last weekend in Mallorca, visiting the in-laws and generally enjoying a last gasp of summer. This probably doesn’t interest you one bit. However, this next bit might. I checked in for my BA flights online and using the new British Airways app for iPhone, generated my boarding pass on my phone and used it ...