As I prep for my few days in Singapore, I turn to my trusty packing list in Evernote to remind me of all the important things that must be in my bags before I leave. Over the years, I’ve quickly realised that it’s much more efficient to work through a packing list than to keep […]

After making a list of all my upcoming travels, it was inevitable that another trip would make its way into my schedule. And so it has! Tomorrow evening, I fly to Singapore for business. I get there on the Tuesday night, and spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a combination of meetings, workshops and sightseeing. […]

I was working in Barcelona Thursday and Friday of this week. It’s something I usually look forward to as I get some time in one of my favourite cities, work with great clients and arrange travel set to a very human schedule.

Thursday went well and I landed in some lovely Barcelona sunshine. I even had time for a coffee in the sun and enjoyed the walks I had to and from the hotel I was staying in. All in all, one of those work days that reminds me that setting up my own business was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life.

Friday? Not so good.

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You know, it’s never too early to plan our annual trip to Japan. At least that’s what we were saying when we started looking for flights to Tokyo on this cold and wet January Sunday morning. After last year’s amazing trip, it was pretty much inevitable that we’d have to come back. So we searched […]

I took a few photos from my flight home from Barcelona on Thursday evening. After my unexpected and very welcome free upgrade to business class (thank you, British Airways!) I got seat 1F and had wonderful views out the window. In the right weather, you can get some amazing views over Barcelona as you leave. […]

Yes, some people may view ‘end of the year’ posts as either boring, narcissistic or a combination of both, but personally I like to look back on the year gone by and focus on the highlights. A form of gratitude. Reliving the fun and the smiles. I travelled so much in 2015, I thought it […]

As I shared previously, I contracted chicken-pox during our epic trip to Japan. Not good. I went from having some minor flu-like symptoms to full-on body-covered-in-blisters chicken-pox overnight. And boy did I feel bad.

I never had chicken-pox as a child and had mentally filed it away as a minor annoyance. Some itchiness, some tiredness and then bouncing back to good health in a matter of days. For kids, maybe. But when it hits you as an adult, it’s quite a different story.

I’ve spent the past week veering between unable to sleep, then falling into deep sleep at a moment’s notice, running a high fever, having night sweats and aches in all my joints. Just like a bad dose of the flu.

But then there’s the blisters.

Mine came up overnight – I was woken up by the itchiness mid-night and could feel them on my scalp. Gross. At its worst, I had blisters going from the crown of my head all the way down to my toes. Nowhere on my body was spared. Nowhere.

I’ll let that sink in.

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A quick pit-stop here in the JAL Lounge in Tokyo Haneda airport. We’re waiting on our flight to Osaka, after which it’s an hour on the bus to Kyoto. And while the flight over was very pleasant, I only slept for about an hour. That means, it’s 0936 Sunday here and I’ve been up since […]

Bags are (finally) packed! Our of office notifiers are on! I think it might be time for a holiday…? In just a few hours, I’ll be safely tucked up on a BA flight to Tokyo and then on to Kyoto, for what has almost become our annual pilgrimage to Japan. “Excited” doesn’t do it justice. […]