It’s been a busy year on the blogging front. I reached by 1,000th post and built a better habit of regular posts. Some of which were surprisingly popular with those of you with enough time on your hands to come visit. I had a quick look at my stats and the following posts are (in […]

This is the 1,000th post I’ve written on this blog, which for me is a bit of a special moment. I’ve not stuck with a blog for so long over the years and, as this one keeps getting readers and their comments, I guess I’ll keep going! Thanks to everyone for the constant feedback and […]

You may recall I got very excited by a start-up called come time ago. Simply put, their USP was taking your simple Evernote notes and turning them into a simple blog. Just tag a note as ‘published’ and it appeared as a new blog post.


I quickly fell in love with it, due to its simplicity, its tight integration with Evernote (one of my favourite apps of all time) and how I could quickly write in Markdown.

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Only a few days since I moved this blog from a self-hosted solution to and I’m already so very glad I made the leap. No more plug-ins to maintain, no more time-outs, no more complexity. I just fire up the browser, head to and start typing. It’s a simple, but powerful interface. And […]

Time to spruce up this blog, I think. Very bored with the look and feel. WordPress theme shopping later tonight…

Great news if you’re an Evernote user (check!) who also relies on IFTTT (check!): “Evernote just got a whole lot better“. You can now, for example, post to Tumblr simply by adding a note to a pre-determined Evernote notebook. This makes offline Tumblr post writing much easier, especially when using and iPhone. Or, post to […]

As I’m “home alone” this weekend for the first time in a while, I restarted the long-held tradition of staying up far too late watching crap TV, having made poor meal choices. I fended off the strong urge to order take-away and instead enjoyed some pulled pork in a baguette, made at home. Stunning. I […]

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting more regularly with – a fantastic service that let’s you host a blog based on the Evernote app. Simply write your post in evernote, tag it “Published” and it appears on your blog. Simple as. It definitely lacks all the bells and whistles of WordPress […]

The really very excellent has joined the Evernote App Centre. What’s, I hear you say? If you use Evernote, it’s an idiot-proof method for turning notes into a perfectly serviceable blog. It’s definitely idiot-proof as I’ve managed it – took about one minute to get it up and running. I really have a […]