Regent’s run

We popped out on the Bromptons again yesterday, this time heading up the Regent's Canal as far as Victoria Park and back. Victoria Park was mobbed with other cyclists, runners, walkers and random toddlers who seemed determined to walk in front of someone. And there were the dogs! Victoria Park is beautiful, but as soon ...


A lovely Brompton ride for two

We took our Bromptons out for a quick spin yesterday afternoon. Only from Canary Wharf to St. Katherine Docks, but it was great to get outside (in advance of an evening in front of the TV) and enjoy a brief sunny interlude while enjoying a drink at Starbucks. The only challenge? Dealing with the cobblestones ...


Well, that was random.

Last night's Eurovision really was a change from the norm. On three counts, in fact. For a start Sweden did a magnificent job of hosting a complex and demanding live TV show, not once but three times in a single week. Two semi-finals and a grand final. Additionally, each night was staged differently, with the ...


Caffeine monster

I had to visit my GP yesterday, who recommended I get some blood tests. But this required me to fast overnight before going back in this morning to have the precious blood ripped from my veins. Fasting while sleeping is easy - even for me! - but not being able to have any coffee as ...


Top tip for nosebag: Jackson & Rye

@FrankDJS and I popped into town for dinner with a friend last night and, after drinks at Freedom in Soho, considered where we'd like to eat. We were literally next door to a new (new to us) restaurant called Jackson & Rye on Wardour Street. Hunger overtook any other plans and we dashed next door ...


A Brompton change of plan

Unbelievably, my second order of an orange Brompton M3L was cancelled by the store, this time one in Wales. I was about to give up when @FrankDJS and I went for a look in a local bike shop and saw an absolutely gorgeous M6L in navy blue. I fell in love with the colour immediately, but felt ...


Why Sweden should host Eurovision every year

Just check out how they opened last night's semi-final... https://youtu.be/v6qSt8Qp9ck Give it to Sweden to host every year, I say. And while you're at it, make Petra Mede President of Europe.


Eurovision semi-final two: reflections

If I'm honest, I'm pretty disappointed with the results of last night's second Eurovision semi-final in Stockholm. I thought some of the great songs I've grown to like in the last few weeks were a virtual shoe-in for the final. I was sure of the other would bomb. Boy was I wrong. It seems like ...


New bike headache

So I ordered a new bike some time ago, but it's taken until today for Evans Cycles to let me know that they can't actually fulfil the order. Despite having taken my money on May 1st, they don't actually have an Orange Brompton M3L and won't be getting any more in. They made a half-hearted ...

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