Berlusconi strikes again

Good old Silvio, always ready with a well-placed quip. After discussing the subject of people trafficking with the Albanian prime minister, Berlusconi thought it appropriate to add a little humour: Mr Berlusconi, 73, said an accord between Italy and Albania had successfully clamped down on the trafficking of illegal immigrants across the Adriatic Sea by ...


Obi-Wan was Nigerian?

I just feel sorry for this guy - pranked into reading the plots behind 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and 'Star Wars' on a Christian phone-in show. Favourite quote: "There is only one force - the power of God". Bless. He must be cold, though - what with having to wear such a swanky jacket ...


Is it cos I is Irish?

Reporting a nonsensical charge of racism between a Conservative Councillor and a union rep of Irish extraction, the Telegraph has allowed its online readership to revel in an orgy of Irish-bashing jokes. I'm not for one minute surprised. The councillor in question made a harmless Irish joke in the general direction of a Unison rep, ...


I can haz iPhone 3Gs

Finally. I'd had enough. Enough of the crappy reception, the dropped calls and the outright denial from O2 that there was anything wrong with their network. I decided to move to another mobile phone provider. I called O2 at the weekend to get my PAC code (to keep my mobile number and move it to ...


Diary of Anne Frank banned… in Virginia

"The Diary of Anne Frank", the harrowing journal of a young Jewish girl's experiences in Holland under the Nazis, has been banned in Culpepper County public schools in Virginia... all because of the young girl's references to her own body. We're not talking steamy sex scenes or even anything approaching smut. As the Progressive Puppy ...


Why I want an iPad

Apple's announcement of their latest product category - the iPad - left me rather excited. As pointed out in a previous post, I was hoping they would come up with a tablet device that would act as a mega-PDA, mirroring the functionality of the now defunct Newton. I think they've managed to do that, and ...


Can I haz Tablit?

I've amazed even myself (no small feat) by refraining from bombarding this blog with every rumour regarding Apple's upcoming Tablet device. Don't get me wrong: I've read and re-read every rumour there is out there and have spent far too much time boring those around me with my own thoughts on the matter. Put simply, ...

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