You’re doing it wrong!

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How to walk in London

As it's August, London is absolutely crawling with tourists and my experience of attempting to pass through some seriously popular areas prompted me to offer some polite advice to visitors to the nation's capital... Firstly, don't watch where you are walking. Put another way, only look in a direction that is not the one in ...


Why do you work here?

I had my second hospital visit of the week today. I think that's a record, even for me. On the plus side, both visits were planned and were for straightforward tests. I knew what I was getting into, as I've had several of these over the past few years. I had a CT scan and ...


Blogus Interruptus

The obvious lack of new posts on this blog is the result of an unholy trinity of outside forces. For one thing, I have an impending deadline for my doctoral dissertation, so lots of spare time has been sent on this and frankly, the last thing I want to do of an evening is continue ...


Gone fishin’

I think if nothing else, this blog has demonstrated that cats and iPads go together very well. Watch as this cat tries to catch some fish...


GTD on the iPad

For those of you not steeped in the intricacies of the GTD craze, it stands for "Gettings Things Done". It's basically an approach to help you be more productive and less forgetful and it is set out in all its glory in the original book by David Allen. One of the core elements of any ...


Shock reaction to iPad launch…

If you thought you were excited to hear about the iPad when Steve Jobs announced it, check out the reaction from this little guy:


eBooks on the iPad

Reading ebooks was one of the main reasons I bought my iPad. I know I'm probably in a minority of iPad owners in that I use it as an ereader for over 50% of the time. I've had a series of Sony ereaders in the past and enjoyed them - for the one-trick ponies they ...

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