Chilling out to this…

Chilling out to some Lisa Ekdahl this morning. Love this album.


So very cold

Good morning from a very chilly London. I'm happy to be working from home this morning and not battling with public transport and hiking into the wild of Oxfordshire like yesterday. It's "Operation Fill Yourself With Coffee" right now... and hoping London avoids any snow. We had a few flakes yesterday and it was hellish. ...



Looks like the planned relaunch of X-Men is going to get interesting. Marvel have announced that the line-up will be all-female, featuring some the best X-Men characters ever. Rogue. Psylocke. Storm. And that's badass Storm-with-the-mohican-hair. That always makes for far more interesting stories than the aloof and regal Storm. All good. And with excellent art by ...


The Amazing Jodie Foster

We need more wonderful artists like Jodie Foster and fewer insta-celebs who want fame for its own sake. She's a real role-model.


Finally talking to Siri

Despite my complete and utter failure to adequately maintain this blog, this week hasn't been a complete washout, technology-wise.  I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday morning and finally found a use for Siri on the iPad mini.  I know, right? I'm a long time fan of Day One, the fantastic journalling app for ...


A bit of a mess

So…umm. I appear to have lost the last five years of this blog's content.  I shit you not.  I went to post something this morning, only to be faced with a less than helpful error message. Cue several hours of faffing about with technology I'm less than comfortable with using and a combination of curses ...


Spider-Man no more?

Warning: this post contains big-time spoilers related to Spider-Man #700! So... I read The Amazing Spider-Man 700 the other day and, despite all the hype leading up to it, was left a little deflated. Up until the last page, I was clinging on to the hope - albeit a slim hope - that the writers would rescue ...


Apple: it doesn’t “just work”

I've been accused - on more than one occasion - of being an Apple fan-boy. A blind, foolish acolyte of a cult-like organisation who will do everything in its power to empty my bank balance with its lovely, shiny gadgets. Much of that is true. I am a fan of Apple and have been for ...


The Doctor will see you now

  Graduation day... at the O2 in London's glittering Docklands. Wishing I'd kept the cap and gown. Perfect for a night out on the town... And it only took me five years to get there. Five years of weekend and night reading, writing and procrastination. And lots of moaning about the doctorate to all who ...

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