I’ve been using Google+ for almost as long as it’s been available. It has a lot going for it: excellent apps for the iOS platform, a gorgeous browser interface and interaction with other users that is missing from almost every other social media platform I’ve used. There are some fantastic interest groups / forums and […]

CNN have posted what they view as the Top 10 Macworld rumours. Nothing I have’t read elsewhere, and to be honest, if you list 10 or so predictions, you enhance your chances of being proved right on the day. Maybe I should list my own Top 100 rumours? I’m particularly excited about the prospect of […]

ZDNet is also talking about the potential for Apple to turn iWork into a suite of web applications. However, rather than invest a lot of effort into making changes to the existing iWork suite, they may just tie in the service with Google: If Apple re-brands Google Docs and Spreadsheets (Eric Schmidt is on the […]

Like many others, my mind turns to weight loss at this time of year. Somehow, I managed to put on a kilo and a half just over the Christmas break! Somehow? Who am I kidding? It was most definitely the week of champagne for breakfast, three heart-stopping meals a day and every other drink in […]

I can’t believe it’s come around again… it seems like only yesterday I was wading knee-deep through outlandish claims and rumours regarding what new products Apple would announce at Macworld. Hands up: I’m a Mac geek. A “fanboi”, if you will. I’ve been using Macs for over 10 years now (so not a recent convert) […]

Cyber-skiving today? You’re not alone | News | guardian.co.uk. Ah good. Glad it’s not just me, then. Various social netwrking sites have been calling at my attention since sitting down at my laptop this morning. And, since work is rather quiet today, their voices seem all the louder. According to the Guardian, Those of us […]

Yes, I know… you were possibly expecting a post-WWDC post on Monday, but it was late by the time I’d finished frothing at the mouth, and I still hadn’t cooked dinner. In a word, it was superb. Not the iPhone (though that looks fantastic), I’m talking about the new MobileMe service that’s replacing .Mac. I’ve […]