After months of deliberating, I bit the bullet over the weekend and bought myself the new Kindle Voyage from Amazon. I’d been looking at it online since it was made available in the UK, even putting in my “basket” on more than one occasion. But then noticing it had basically sold out and there was […]

Very interested to read about Amazon’s new Kindle models, especially the Kindle Voyage. I actually previously ‘downgraded’ from a Kindle Paperwhite as I missed the physical buttons and couldn’t get used to tapping the screen to turn pages. I bought an older model Kindle 3G Keyboard on eBay and haven’t looked back! But this new […]

  Ah, Kindle love…I’m so glad I went back to a Kindle keyboard model. I’ve been tearing through books since I got it. It’s just so light and perfectly proportioned in the hand. I didn’t take to the on-screen tapping required when using the Kindle Paperwhite and much prefer physical buttons. It sounds silly, but the […]

People who know me associate me with gadgets and the frequent updating thereof. This usually takes the form of moving to new and more advanced versions of each piece of tech as they are released, so I can take advantage of each new aspect of functionality. Tech launches somehow (sadly) make me feel like I can’t live […]

So my heart was all aflutter at the thought of getting my grubby little mitts on on Kindle Matchbook. Yet this morning, Amazon emailed me to let me know about the new Kindle Paperwhite (really not sure it’s worth my while upgrading) but there was a noticeable lack of mentions of Kindle Matchbook or indeed […]

Yes, yes…Apple have finally confirmed they’re having a special event next Tuesday. I could have told you that – for the past few years, they’ve managed to schedule these for when I’m out of range of the interwebs, usually on a plane. True to form, I’ll be on a flight home from Edinburgh when Tim […]

The last few days spent in Spain have really underlined for me all the benefits of being a Kindle user. For one thing, I didn’t have to hoof over a load of different books in my luggage. For another, I’ve been able to abandon my planned reading list and download several books as I encountered […]

Don’t worry, I’m still loving my Kindle Paperwhite. Never far from my little paws. I’ve said it before – I’ve never read so much since I’ve had a Kindle. It’s small, light and always with me. The fact that I like to read multiple books simultaneously makes an ereader ideal. Easier than hoofing around a […]

The Guardian reports how the first ebook charts reported in June are filled with smut erotic fiction. She reigns supreme in the world of paper, with The Cuckoo’s Calling topping hardback sales and The Casual Vacancy sitting at the top of the paperback bestseller charts, but there’s no space for JK Rowling on the inaugural ebook bestseller […]