I’ve had the new iPhone 7 Plus for a little over a week, but I’ve still managed to put it through its paces, indoors and out, and I thought I’d share a few of those photos here. Overall, I’m really impressed with the quality of pics. The camera app seems faster and more responsive than in […]

Excitement levels to the max! I actually got my iPhone 7 Plus yesterday, but it was delivered while I was working up in Birmingham and I was just too exhausted to even look at it when I got in. Ten hours of sleep later, I backed up my iPhone 6s Plus to my iMac, then […]

Now the wait begins. I ordered a couple of phones for @FrankDJS and I as soon as the online Apple Store opened this morning. Sat in bed, refreshing the iPhone app until the store opened, I used an old trick to guarantee we’d get what we want. Last night, I selected each of our chosen phones […]

The iPhone rumour mill is in full flow right now, with Apple set to announce a couple of new handsets in the next month. If I’m honest, the update doesn’t sound particularly exciting and (if it’s all true) it represents a iterative rather than significant update. That said, one of the most interesting – and […]

  My iPhone 6 S Plus arrived on Friday afternoon, while I was at work. I might be getting old, but once I got the text confirming it had been delivered, I managed to somehow put it out of my head and continue working until it was time to get home. I think had a […]

Pre-orders for the new iPhones went live at 8am London time this morning. I happened to be awake and was listening to a podcast and wandering through the bottomless pit of snark that is Twitter when I saw a couple of tweets mentioning the Apple Store. I suddenly remember that iPhone pre-orders were live this […]

Adding some notes to Evernote on my iPhone 6 Plus a moment ago, I paused to think about what a great phone it is and how over the moon I was when it arrived last year. And yet… In just a few hours, Apple will have announced a replacement and the iPhone 6 will feel […]

I’ve finally gone for it and ordered a Pebble smart-watch. I got a very generous Amazon gift card (among other lovely goodies) from my colleagues when I left my job a couple of weeks ago and it’s been burning a virtual hole in my virtual pocket ever since. The Pebble was on my “someday / […]

Every time Apple launch a new phone, there’s a predictable chain of events: The media make a big deal out of the crowds queuing up outside Apple Stores around the world. “Commentators” mock people in these queues, calling them all kinds of names and pointing out all the things they could be doing if they […]