After a less than satisfactory upgrade to iOS 10 earlier this week, I’ve been learning about its bits and bobs through day to day usage. What follows is a far-from-detailed review of the update, which is no way been approaches the thoroughness of some of the excellent reviews (e.g. iMore, MacStories). So, in no particular […]

My favourite journalling app for the Mac and iOS is getting an update! In the next few weeks, the guys at Bloom are going to release a 2.0 update for Day One which has been in development for several years. This is going to include some handy bits of functionality like adding several photos to a […]

Amazingly, yesterday afternoon I used my iPhone to order a passport card from the Irish Passport Office. Amazingly? Well, I used the iPhone app Irish Passport Card from the Department of Foreign Affairs, filled in some basic details, then took an appropriately grim-looking selfie and I was all done. It took a total of about six […]

The update to iOS 8 brought the ability to activate Siri simply by saying “Hey Siri”, so you can ask Siri to do things while your hands are otherwise occupied. Everyone illustrates this by talking about “while baking in the kitchen”. They don’t really know me at all… I switched this on, despite having no […]

My podcast player of choice, the very excellent Pocket Casts, now offers access to your synced content via the browser. So, once you have an account set up and you have synchronised your podcasts between devices, you can also log in via desktop browser and keep listening. If you’re an existing used, just go to […]

After some initial disappointment, my iPhone 6 Plus finally arrived on Monday. Unboxed (carefully) , sim-card inserted, I was up and running in minutes. I’ve been using it intensively all week, and while this isn’t a full and detailed review of the phone, I can safely share the following first impressions: It’s big It’s big. […]

Let’s get this out of the way first. Despite being in an extremely unhepful (relatively speaking) timezone, I stayed awake to watch this week’s Apple keynote launch of their new goodies. So, being in Tokyo right now, this meant I had to wait up until 2am local time and then watch two hours of badly streamed […]

While I briefly “went Android” (don’t judge me, Apple fanboys) I found such a great selection of apps for my Samsung Note 3 that I barely noticed what I’d left behind. There were Android version of all my favourite and most-used apps: Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, Instagram etc. But not everything was covered by the many […]

It’s official The experiment is over. I’ve officially handed in my Android club membership card and come crawling back to Apple like the boyfriend who has come to his senses after a crazy fling. Kind of. A quick update: After getting about three hours sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning, I was less than my bright, Wildean self […]