Is everyone leaving Evernote? Seriously. I have to ask.

I’ve noticed a slightly disturbing trend in the tech news: the growing number of destinations available for exported Evernote content.

First, there was Apple – you can import Evernote content into the Apple Notes app. Next came Microsoft, with a (PC-only) importer for their OneNote app. And this morning, I read on Twitter that DayOne are considering an importer too!

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While I briefly “went Android” (don’t judge me, Apple fanboys) I found such a great selection of apps for my Samsung Note 3 that I barely noticed what I’d left behind. There were Android version of all my favourite and most-used apps: Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, Instagram etc. But not everything was covered by the many […]

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting more regularly with Postach.io – a fantastic service that let’s you host a blog based on the Evernote app. Simply write your post in evernote, tag it “Published” and it appears on your blog. Simple as. It definitely lacks all the bells and whistles of WordPress […]

An update to Nike+ apparently adds a virtual coach to the app – it looks interesting and, for some people at least, will provide a manageable and sensible schedule to prepare for that next race. While running *looks* easy – one foot in front of the other – knowing how to get ready for any […]

The really very excellent Postach.io has joined the Evernote App Centre. What’s Postach.io, I hear you say? If you use Evernote, it’s an idiot-proof method for turning notes into a perfectly serviceable blog. It’s definitely idiot-proof as I’ve managed it – took about one minute to get it up and running. I really have a […]

So yesterday’s iPad announcements from Apple were delicious, right? Very pleased to see a retina iPad Mini, now with 128GB storage. I’ll be getting one of those as soon as they hit the shelves. I’m in love with the iPad Mini form factor, so more storage, faster processor and a better display combine for quite […]

Not an error. I’m talking about the app called “Day One“. I’ve blogged about it before, but I’m afraid it was lost in the great blog meltdown of 2012. (Still hurts). DayOne is a great little app for keeping a journal. It’s on Mac OS and iOS and syncs in the cloud, so you can […]

My favourite – and most used – app on both Mac OS and iOS is getting a new version. OmniFocus 2 has been announced, though sadly without a confirmed launch date. What I’ve heard so far about the app is positive. A new forecast view of commitments by timeline Introduction of review mode, just like […]

So Apple finally shared the iOS upgrade love with their bazillion (roughly) iDevice customers. While iPhone peeps got some minor upgrades in there, it was iPad aficionados who experienced the biggest changes to their devices. I downloaded and installed the update, but it didn’t go as smoothly as advertised. In fact, it was so far from smooth, […]