In a sleep-deprived flurry of OMG this morning, I somehow left home without my Apple Watch. I know, right? Talk about a First World Problem. Actually, someone did: @MacPsych first world problems? — Katie Davies (@KatieDa81729922) January 30, 2017 Anyway, as I waited for my DLR into town, I realised it was too late to […]

While I won’t be getting my new iPhone 7 Plus for a few days yet (le sigh), my new Apple Watch arrived this morning. What’s more, I somehow had the self-control to leave it in its box until I’d finished all my must-dos today. It’s gorgeous, but hard to differentiate from the series 1.0 watch […]

Now the wait begins. I ordered a couple of phones for @FrankDJS and I as soon as the online Apple Store opened this morning. Sat in bed, refreshing the iPhone app until the store opened, I used an old trick to guarantee we’d get what we want. Last night, I selected each of our chosen phones […]

I got my Apple Watch just over eight months ago. After the initial excitement died down, it continued to be a useful addition to my ongoing collection of gadgetry. However, not all tech continues to deliver, especially after the original excitement and glee has subsided. Sometimes, as soon as the product fails to live up […]

No, not really. But I liked this story about a teen whose strange heart rate readings from his Apple Watch meant he got it checked out by medical professionals, ultimately saving his life. Doctors later diagnosed Houle with rhabdomyolysis, a syndrome linked to muscle injury. It occurs when muscle tissue breaks down and releases proteins […]